Adventure Holidays In The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are famed for their intense natural beauty, dramatic mountain ranges, haunting lochs and their wide range of wildlife. This rugged landscape makes the Highlands an excellent place to go on an adventure holiday. There are numerous destinations for adventure seekers in the Scottish Highlands that offer visitors the chance to take part in activities such as hiking, […]

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5 Highly Adventurous Travel Locations For The Over 50s

Are you looking for active vacations ? Would you like to go on an adventure vacation in select parts of the world where you can enjoy both the physical activity and the scenery? Adventure travel particularly among senior citizens often requires decent physical fitness and an adventurous spirit. There isn’t anything extreme about it. So, we have gone ahead and […]

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Top Five Activities for Adventure Seekers in New Zealand

We have all seen the lush green plains, the dark mountains and ominous caves of New Zealand in Lord of the Rings, but it just adds another layer of excitement to the options for adventure and outdoor activities in New Zealand. This region’s magnificent sceneryoffers so many adventure activities that are usually not found together. New Zealand is undoubtedly an […]

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