Visit Piacenza in Northen Italy for Amazing Scenery and Food

Piacenza is maybe not the most popular city in Northern Italy among tourists. But those who arrive to it, do not ever forget it. Gastronomy, art, history and nature meet together in a beautiful town with Medieval traces and modern entertainments. The Palazzo Comunale, known as Il Gotico, is a magnificent example of medieval Italian architecture. Lots of palaces built […]

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Delicious Local Canadian Cuisine To Try Out In Edmonton

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, Canada serves as a virtual haven for lovers of authentic Canadian cuisine. Traditional Canadian preparations are heavily influenced by the cuisine of the ethnic Aboriginals of the region, British cuisine as well as French cuisine. During the nineteenth and the twentieth century, Canada witnessed heavy immigration from Europe, Asia and several other parts of […]

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A Guide to Great Bars & Restaurants in Benidorm

Often called the ‘Manhattan of Spain’, Benidorm is a location packed with striking skyscrapers, beautiful beaches and exciting attractions. A popular tourist destination, this municipality is certainly a sight worth seeing. Another factor which adds to Benidorm’s magnificent appeal is its bars and restaurants. Swimming in a sea of fantastic places to dine, this location boasts some of the finest […]

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