Top sites to visit in Athens, Greece

Odeon of Herodes Atticus-Athens-Greece

If you’re a young vacationer or a pensioner seeking the best places to retire, Greece is one of the best places to visit. The country’s relaxed pace of life, friendly people, amazing history and culture, and kind prices for food and hotels means it’s a destination that is appealing to anyone. If you’ve never been to Greece, Athens is the

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Best Tourist Attractions of India

Ajanta caves

India is quite a diverse country, with each state having something different to offer. In addition to its size and population, the country has a wide variety of landscapes, monuments cultures and places that tourists can explore. India’s rich history and geographical diversity makes it very appealing as a tourist destination. Below is a look at the best tourist attractions

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Five Reasons to Have a Holiday in Sligo

Sligo is a major town in Ireland’s Border Region which also happens to be one a popular tourist destination on the Emerald Isle. Why? That is because The Land of Heart’s Desire possesses many things that most men desire and here are five of those. Natural Beauty Sligo’s surrounding countryside is truly beautiful. Exploring this town will provide scenic

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Visit Piacenza in Northen Italy for Amazing Scenery and Food

Piacenza is maybe not the most popular city in Northern Italy among tourists. But those who arrive to it, do not ever forget it. Gastronomy, art, history and nature meet together in a beautiful town with Medieval traces and modern entertainments. The Palazzo Comunale, known as Il Gotico, is a magnificent example of medieval Italian architecture. Lots of palaces built

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