5 Highly Adventurous Travel Locations For The Over 50s

Are you looking for active vacations ? Would you like to go on an adventure vacation in select parts of the world where you can enjoy both the physical activity and the scenery? Adventure travel particularly among senior citizens often requires decent physical fitness and an adventurous spirit. There isn’t anything extreme about it. So, we have gone ahead and compiled some of the very best adventure travel locations in for your reading pleasure.

White Water Rafting in Chile and Ecuador

white water rafting in EcuadorIf you like water rafting or have been thinking about it, this is the best place to experience white water rafting. Depending on your travel or vacation agency, you can either do this in Ecuador (the Galapagos Islands), deep in the Andes or surrounded by the Andeans in Futaleufu, Chile.

The choice is yours. White water rafting involves taking in the lush forest scenery whilst navigating the turquoise water channels. Mixed with a combination of smooth rows and heart pounding navigation around the rapids and waterfalls, this vacation provides you with a mixture of both serenity and excitement.

Canoeing and Kayaking in Ecuador or Albania

If canoeing and kayaking is more your thing, you should try vacationing in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador or the Albania. Relatively new to the tourism sector, Albania is frequently referred to as the last secret jewel of Europe.

This is due to the untainted mountains, virgin forests and environment that haven’t been impacted by globalization and the waste that is the result of manmade advancements. Kayaking here will be in the shadow of the Lightning Mountains. Enjoy the thrill of rowing while taking in the beautiful, lush views.

Yachting in Croatia

Croatia is a popular adventure destination for those looking for yachting adventures. The Adriatic Coast also called Dalmatia especially draws thousands of tourists every year. While most tourists visit to admire the old european structures and to take in the breathtaking scenery, you can go the extra mile by yachting in Croatia.

A typical yachting adventure involves a trip on the Adriatic sea and exploration of the smaller islands dotting the waters with a guide who explains the culture and shows you important landmarks.

Trekking the Peaks of the Balkans in Montenegro and Albania

Hiking the Balkan Peaks in Montenegro is bound to take your breath away. The stunning beauty and panoramic views of the vista is nothing short of amazing.

The hiking helps you have closer contact and experience nature in its awesomeness. Major touching points include walking through untouched forests, rolling hillsides and  a visit to the International Peace Park where the borders of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo meet.

Cycling in Budapest (Prague-Budapest)

If you’re feeling particularly fit, you should try cycling from Prague to Budapest. This active holiday will take you through four European countries (Czech republic, Slovak, Austria and Hungary). The ride will often include varying scenery.

From captivating castles to picturesque villages, vineyards, forests, all with scenic views, you get to take in the breathtaking culture of the countries. It’s not an experience you’ll recover from anytime soon.

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