The Top US States For An Outdoor Adventure

Need a taste of the great outdoors? The US has all kinds of active outdoorsy vacation opportunities on its doorstep. Here are a few of the best states for taking up active hobbies and soaking up the natural surroundings.


Sporting a mighty 11 national parks within its borders including Yellowstone, Wyoming attracts visitors all year round looking for a break into the wilderness. Teton Pass is a renowned hotspot for cyclists in which you can bike all the way up to Phelps Lake. Jackson Hole meanwhile offer some of the most challenging ski runs in the country and is also great for mountain hiking in the winter. You can even go surfing in Wyoming – the Snake River has a mighty tide and is a popular place for river surfing.


Pennsylvania has much history including the battlefields of Gettysburg and Independence National Historic Park where George Washington signed the declaration of independence. It’s also a popular state for hikers, featuring a section of the renowned Appalachian trail. Lancaster is a great place to stay featuring all kinds of fun things to do nearby including archery and kayaking. You can stay in a log cabin and really become one with nature.



Many believe Hawaii to be the home of surfing. It’s no surprise that this is a Mecca for those that love their watersports. Paragliding, wakeboarding and scuba diving are just some of aquatic activities you can try out here. On top of this, the islands’ volcanoes offer miles of hiking for those that don’t want to get their feet wet.


Colorado contains all manner of terrains to explore. Those wanting a taste of the desert can hike the Coachella and Imperial valleys. Those wanting snow can go skiing in Aspen. One of the most popular outdoor activities is kayaking through the state’s canyons. To add to this, there are also some great hiking trails taking you through mountains and through forests.


Oregon has plans to be the fittest state by 2021. As you can imagine, they’re very dedicated to physical activities and outdoor pursuits as a result. The state attracts many adrenalin junkies that are into rock climbing. Expert rafters also love Oregon – Celestial Falls is thought to be the most dangerous in the world. Not all of Oregon’s outdoor activities are as extreme and those looking for something leisurely but still alfresco can partake in fishing or paddle the Tilamook County Water Trail.


Most people think of beaches and amusement parks when they picture Florida, however it’s also a hub for active outdoor vacations. Like Hawaii, it’s a fantastic state for watersports of all kinds. Aside from the coastline, there are also 11,000 miles of rivers in Florida. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can paddle with alligators. You can also try out Flyboarding – an extreme water sport that’s only just taking off. Just remember to bring your mozzie spray with you as Florida’s waters are notorious for the tiny winged bloodsuckers.

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