7 Best Canoe Day Trips in Australia

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Australia’s water bodies offer a diverse outdoor experience from ocean kayaking to the adventurous whitewater kayaking. Regardless of the stream/lake, you’ll want to explore, you’ll never miss a thrill kayaking along the beautiful attractions as you maneuver around the water obstacles. Below are the seven best canoe trips in Australia.

1. Sydney Harbor- Sea Kayak

This is the perfect place to escape the tedious and monotonous city life. Paddle through the calm and protected waters as you explore the posh neighborhoods bordering the spectacular waterways. Here, you also get to enjoy exemplary views of the cityscape as you advance through the serenity of Nielsen’s Park, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the luxury waterfront homes.

If you’re an amateur kayaker, you’ll use some help from the dedicated and qualified professionals in the area. Everything adventurous is right here, just grab the safety gear and paddle your way into the welcoming waters.

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2. The Murray River

Spanning a length of over 1500 miles, River Murray is Australia’s longest river and one that offers a variety of outdoor experiences; from fishing, swimming, surfing, diving to kayaking. There are several cities and towns where you can connect with the marvelous stream. If you’re to enjoy an exclusive canoeing experience, carry with you your favorite kayak/ canoe to any of the watersports areas along the river.

According to Wikipedia, the River system rises in the Australian Alps and drains through the highlands and plains of Western Australia. The well-irrigated regions form part of what is considered the food bowl of the nation.

For a diverse experience along the mild rapids on various sections of this river, choose to commute from one kayaking point to another. Some of the major towns offering the best of canoeing experience along the river include Swan Hill, Mulwala, Echuca, Renmark and Wodonga. Pick the best Kayak Roof Racks for safe and convenient transportation.

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3. Rottnest Island

Sitting offshore from the city of Perth, approximately 10 kilometres off Fremantle, Rottnest Island offers a spectacular haven for sailing and kayaking. The nature reserve also features an aqua park, sandy beaches and marine wildlife.

According to Nature Australia, the Island got its name from a Dutch explorer who visited the place in the late 1690s and naming it from the phrase “Rats Nest” -mistaking the small herbivore for a rat.

To explore a section of the Indian Ocean, make sure to carry the right kayak with you before heading to the island. This Island is reputed for its corals and the diverse flora. The cute and ever-happy Quokka species inhabit this island in large numbers. Just in case you’re tired and feel like appreciating a part of the beautiful nature, you can pose for a selfie with this friendly mammal.

4. Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River is located on the south-west coast in the beautiful state of Western Australia. The river is home to a number of watersports activities. If you’re in for a venturesome kayaking experience before enjoying some of the tastiest wines produced in the region, then this river has got you covered. Unlike the other canoeing adventures in the list, this one is unique for its upcountry taste with a series of attractions. In this tour, you’ll experience the best of remote forests, rivers, wineries & gourmet available in the area.

5. Noosa River, Queensland

Along the narrow stretch is an epitome of alluring nature. Water flows calmly from the tributary rivers down to Lake Cooroibah. You can start your day trip as you paddle in between the green and attractive Melaleuca and Casuarina forests. Explore the serenity of the Noosa River as you enjoy the company of chirping birds. The entire kayaking distance stretches for 20 kilometres but you can choose to paddle a fraction of the length.

6. Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory

Katherine Gorge is located in the northern territory and features a series of scenic gorges, natural beauty, flora and fauna. The area has a long and rich history that has been deeply autographed in the ancient rocks. It’s one of the popular tourist attractions with many personal spaces to explore. Kayaking along the gorges is one of the unmatched experiences besides hiking the cliffs and rocks.

7. Moreton Bay Islands, Queensland

Located on the eastern coast of Australia, this island is perfect for sea kayakers looking for a peaceful paddle along the expansive ocean stretch. The view of sea life and prolific birds make this island a perfect paradise to relax and unwind. Some of the places to explore with your kayak on this Moreton bay include; Peel Island and the St. Helena Island. Transport your kayak on a ferry or cruise before setting out to explore the islands. To capture the sights of whales and dolphins, carry with you a camera and a pair of binoculars.


Accessing some rivers in Australia could mean trekking some bit of distance. Other great kayaking spots can only be accessed using dirt bikes or mountain bikes. In such areas, having the right dirt bike parts for convenient transportation of the canoe is more than necessary. A portion of the Margaret River, for example, can be accessed directly using mountain bikes across the hilly terrain and woods.

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