Top 10 Must Visit Places In Australia

Australia is one of the best places in the world that combines wild, stylish entertainment and has attractive beauty compared to other countries. Australia offers starting from rock climbing, wine tasting and you will not miss an outdoor adventure that is finest hence extending to the city life excitement. Australia has a many places one can visit but the best and top ten places you must see are as given below:

The Queensland’s Gold Coast Beaches

* It has over 35 miles of coastline with a mixture of activities and relaxation
* It has a range beaches that will serve you at you wish
* It has more convenient located amenities that offer excitement time and provide conformability.

The Sydney Opera House

* In most cases is known a face of Australia
* The house is an architectural design marvel
* It is famous in the world as the performance arts center due to its beautiful audibility and the physical presence.
*You cannot afford to miss this place.

The Royal Botanical Gardens

botanical garden

* It is walking distance from the Sydney Opera House
* It is the most beautiful and wonderful botanical Gardens in the world
* Over a million specimens can be viewed here and provide a train for visitors.

Sidney Tower’s 360 Bar and Dining

* It has well prepared modern Australian cuisine and services provided here are elegant
* It has a 360 restaurant that is located 80 floors above Sydney
*A spectacular viewing plus cocktails and wines are offered by the well-lit bar shell

The Australian Outback

* The world has few remaining wilderness and is one of those few wilderness
* It has kangaroos and the expanse of the desert is rugged
* The climate is dry and wet tropical with waterfalls that is located in the northern part you have an option to choose either climbing tours for long visit or driving tours for short visit because all of them are available

Australian Museum

* The museum has everything starting from mummies all the way to dinosaurs
* Here you will teach a lot about Australia the inhabitants, wild life and its geography
* Visitors are given a guiding tour or maps to direct them
The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
* Koala the world most endearing animals is found here
* It is also a home to native Kangaroos, emus and wallabies.
*Learn more about Australia’s wildlife.

The Dam n tree Village

* It remains of the past look and is on the banks of the Dam n tree.
* It has crocodiles and wildlife spotting tours leading Aboriginal cultures. You go for fishing or work in a cattle station, visit museums etc.

The Victorian Alps


* This is known for phenomenal mountain views in the summer periods.
* Australia offers the best skiing get experience.
* Quiet resorts and hotels are available

The Great Barrier Reef


* It is the world’s largest coral reef and is popular tourist attractions.
* The popular activities here are diving, surfing, snorkelling and fishing.
* Diving classes are offered plus rental equipment. Get an opportunity to experience natural diversity by visiting Australia.


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