Greatest Whale Watching Locations in Queensland, Australia

Whale watching is something that you will remember for a lifetime if you ever get the chance to do it. It can be a great experience for the whole family. Here are some of the different places in Queensland in which you will be able to enjoy whale watching.

Moreton Island – There are numerous opportunities for whale watching in Moreton Island. One of the most popular is the specially designed cruise that will allow you to get incredibly close to the whales. As well as this, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery around Moreton Island at the same time.

Tangalooma Island Resort – Tangalooma Island Resort offers daily cruises for whale watching. Over 16,000 whales travel through the bay each season, so your chances of catching a glimpse of these majestic creatures are very high. Whilst you are on the cruise you are able to take in the scenery of the resort as well.

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Fraser Island – If you are looking for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the breath taking humpback whale then you should definitely consider taking a trip to Fraser Island and go on one of their whale watching cruise.

There are so many other places both in and around Queensland where you will be able to catch a glimpse of some of the giants of the sea. Many people underestimate the power of an experience like whale watching. It may seem like something that you would do when you go on holiday, but millions of people will have never had the opportunity to see a whale in the wild.

If you are thinking about traveling to Queensland then whale watching should be on the top of your list of activities to do during your time there. Millions of people go whale watching every single year, and all of them will tell you that it is an incredible experience, and one that they would happily do again.


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