Why Migrate to Adelaide, Australia

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Climatic conditions:

The climatic conditions are very different as compared to other place in Australia. The most fascinating aspect is the Christmas celebration which is held at the beach side where one can chill in one’s bathing suit, eating barbeques with family and friends. Especially compared to other places Adelaide looks almost like spring time. The climate is mildly sunny whereas sometimes people may expect rainy season. The temperature in winters may drop down to 12 degree centigrade. The summers may be as high as 35 degree centigrade. So native from India may not have a hard time there.

Friendly People:

Though it is not very easy to meet people but weekend hangouts can be possible with nearby buddies. People are busy throughout the week but have buffer time towards the end of week to meet family and friends.

Cost of Living:

The cost of living is comparatively cheaper .It has been seen that the rent house in Adelaide is approximately cheaper than other cities almost 37 percent cheaper as compared to bigger cities like Sydney. Any new immigrant can save up to 700 dollars on the rent as compared to other metropolises in Australia .Even a 2- bedroom or a beach apartment is far cheaper than other places in Australia.


Even eat outs and grocery is way too cheap as compared to Melbourne or Sydney. The dinner or drink bill in an average standard restaurant is as minimal as 200 dollars.

Visa approval and migration:

Migrating and getting visa approvals way easier as compared to other countries. In fact an interested person can avail for working holiday visa which is far gone dream for other countries. Anybody with minimal job skills can migrate to Adelaide. They are not looking for very professional expertise and job opportunities are very tempting. Unemployed youth who have lost all hopes for earnings should not miss a single opportunity to fly to Adelaide.

The Public Transport System:

The transport facility is excellent in the city with connecting bus and tram lines making travelling very convenient. Most of the buses and trams run till Gleaning Beach a breath-taking place in city. Traffic is very fluid as compared to busy cities.

Relaxing in open spaces:

The city is best for relaxing in open spaces after a busy day or in weekends. The commuting facilities are just amazing like Gleaning beach which can be commuted by tram while port Noarlunga is located in train line. There are way too many beaches in the list so a Sunday lazy afternoon is very tempting.

Thus in a nutshell Adelaide region is simply overflowing with greenery and eye catchy landscape with beautiful trees and mountains. There are many national park and naturalist or an adventurer would love to spend free time in nature.

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