The Beaches Of Ballina, NSW, Australia

By Photographic Collection from Australia (Surfing at Ballina (NSW)  Uploaded by Oxyman) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsOver the past few years, Ballina has quickly developed itself a reputation for its world-class beaches, and while many of them are being visited yearly by thousands of tourists, others are still well-kept secrets that are enjoyed only by the locals. It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid surfer or someone simply looking for a quiet spot to look out over the ocean, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for somewhere in the 32 kilometers of coastline that is on offer in Ballina.

Beach Activities Galore

One of the most exciting things about the beaches in Ballina is that they offer a wide range of activities, from skydiving in Byron Bay to hitting the waves on Surfers beach. It is important to keep the seasonal changes in mind, however, because certain beaches tend to become very crowded during the summer. It isn’t uncommon to see dogs and their owners exploring the hot-spots, or watching couples trotting across the sands on horses; both activities are enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. For those that aren’t interested in walking a stretch of coastline, they simply need to ask about hiring a four wheeler, since these happen to be available on many beaches.

Choosing the Right Beach

As most locals will inform visitors, it is important to pick the right beach or people might find themselves disappointed on their arrival. Some people enjoy the “hot-spots” where they can find many more visitors just like them, taking in the beauty of the surroundings. On the other hand, there are individuals who enjoy the “not-spots” a lot more; these are the areas that few people know about and so they can be enjoyed in peace and quiet. Visitors should keep in mind that as Ballina’s popularity grows, the more secluded areas will become known to tourists and these will most likely begin to fill with people over the summer months.

Getting To Know The Beaches of Ballina

Before enjoying what the beaches of Ballina have to offer, it’s usually a good idea for visitors to get to know them so that they can decide which ones will be best suited to their needs.

There are three rather well known beaches in Ballina and they are Shelley Beach, South Ballina and Lighthouse Beach. These three beaches are often patrolled during the busier seasons, making it some of the safer coastline locations to enjoy with the family.

In terms of surfing, the beaches that are the most popular at the moment include Sharpes Beach, Lennox Head and Boulders Beach. Lennox Head in particular is known for its right-hand break; something that is currently drawing surfers from all over the world.

The Wildlife

Visitors to the beaches of Ballina should watch out for the wealth of wildlife that calls this area home. Lighthouse beach, for instance, is home to migratory, bush and shore birds, as well as wallabies, frogs, echidnas and even dolphins. Skennars beach is another destination well known for its wildlife, particularly the birds.

Kayaking And Whale Watching

For more unique activities such as whale watching and kayaking, individuals can expect to find all of this and more, particularly around Lennox Head. Those interested in Kayaking might want to keep in mind that there are kayaking tours available that will guide them through the estuarine wetlands of Ballina; locations that make for superb bird-watching opportunities.

Whether a visitor has booked their place on an existing whale watching expedition or has made the choice to traverse the beaches on a bicycle while exploring some of the cycleways in the area, there are many options available to those experiencing the sights and sounds of Ballina.


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