Explore Singapore Like A Local

Singapore’s beauty

It’s always better to try and stay away from the main tourist hotspots in popular destinations. Generally speaking, the areas where all the tourists head to will be a lot more expensive and extremely busy. Plus, they aren’t really places that the locals will visit, which means that you aren’t exploring the destination like a local. There are lots of […]

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Most Romantic Places to See and to Do on Your Singapore Honeymoon

Deciding where to go and creating your itinerary for your honeymoon is an exciting thing – the world is your oyster and you can virtually go anywhere you want to go, provided you have the right budget. Asia’s one stop tourist destination, Singapore can be the best honeymoon destination for those who want to enjoy intimate moments with their new […]

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Rendezvous with the Lion City

Singapore, also called The Lion City, is known for its greenery and exceptional cleanliness. It is an exemplary city, thronged by people from different ethnicities and cultures. After having heard so much about Singapore’s vibrant and multifarious culture, our group of four friends finally set off for a trip to the Lion City. We had our expectations high before beginning […]

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