Exploring China – Some Vital Tips Shared by Veteran Travellers

travelling china

It is true that due to the vastness of the country, exploring China can even confuse the seasoned travelers. It is indeed a huge country with too many languages, too many dialects to leave any native Chinese perplexed at the thought of staying somewhere out from their hometown. But that doesn’t mean that traveling away from such big cities is something scary; it is not even unmanageable. There are numerous hot spots that you shouldn’t miss out when you’re traveling to China and hence it is better to follow the advice and tips shared by the veteran travelers who are familiar with the nooks and corners of this country. By following these tips and advice’s, life in China will seem to be more rewarding and easier. Let’s check out some such tips.

Try to opt for extra beds in an easy manner

If you visit Chinese hotels, you will notice that they don’t throw too many tantrums with regards to matching the number of beds with the total people, especially when there are children. For families who are looking forward to save money, this can be one of the best ways of saving money. Instead of booking 2 rooms, a family of 4 members can share in a twin room where there are 2 double beds of the same size.

Currency protocol should be followed

Don’t ever make the mistake of insulting a taxi driver in Shanghai by offering him small bills like 1 yuan or 5 jiao notes as he prefers to hear the jingling of coins. On the other hand, in western and Northern China, you may expect the vendors to reject coins altogether. They usually prefer paper money, no matter how small the amount may be.

Install language apps in your phone

Pleco is perhaps the best Chinese language app for most travelers. Though the basic app which is made for dictionary is free of cost but it will cost you around $15 if you purchase the one that has the optical character recognition function. You can just point your iPhone’s camera to a Chinese menu and get a translation instantly. Doesn’t this sound too convenient?

Order rice in the right manner

In China, rice is rarely served during a meal in the restaurants and this is being seen as one of the cheapest ways of filling up your stomach when you don’t have anything else. If you’re someone who wants to have rice in your meal, you should make it crystal clear to the waiter by saying mifan (rice) mashang (straightaway). When you want rice, you have to be loud and clear.

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