Hong Kong Travel Guide With Family

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to take your family, and you won’t be short of things to do. Whether you want to relax in a beautiful park, take in the sites, learn about the city’s rich history or enjoy a theme park for the day, Hong Kong has something for everyone.

Ocean Park

With spectacular water shows, roller-coasters and a pair of very famous pandas, Ocean Park is an ideal destination for a family of any age. You can enjoy the view from the cable car, eat seafood in the Neptune restaurant, situated inside a giant aquarium, and visit the Sea Jelly Spectacular, where hundreds of jelly fish are illuminated in a display that’s part nature, part art. Tickets cost around £24 for adults and £12 for children.

Hong Kong Disney Land

A popular favourite with children, Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, within easy reach of the city by public transport. With rides, activities and wonderful places to explore, this will make a memorable day out for any family with young children. Mums can even slip off to the Victoria spa for a little rest and relaxation. Prices are approximately £38 for over 12s and £27 for under 12s for a day pass, plus around £8 for parking, but plenty of public transport routes are available. The park is located just past the Aberdeen Tunnel.

Sidwaysways Driving Club

For families that bond around the video games console, this attraction will be a popular one. The club specializes in providing driving simulators that are as close to the real thing as possible, allowing you to try out a V8 supercar, a F1 race car and many others. This is one for families with older children, as kids must be at least 150cm. Various packages are available depending on how much time you want to spend, with prices starting at around £17 for 30 minutes. The Club is fully catered with a range of cuisines, and can be found on Chancery Lane, opposite the Centrium and about 3 minutes from Soho.

Hong Kong Space Museum

If you’re into astronomy and you’d like to take your children somewhere a little more educational, the space museum is an interesting place to visit. Learn about the solar system and stars, look at distant objects through telescopes, visit a replica of Stonehenge and learn all about rockets, satellites and space probes. You can even strap yourself into a full-sized replica of a space shuttle. The Space Museum also has an Omnimax theatre. Tickets cost less than a pound for the museum and around £2 to view an Omnimax film, and the museum is located at the seaside of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

For families who want to get to know Hong Kong a little better, the Heritage Museum is a great start. Whether you’re interested in local history, Chinese calligraphy or the performing arts, the museum has a huge collection of items and artefacts. The museum also features a Children’s Discovery Gallery with eight learning play zones, where children can learn about local wildlife, try on animal costumes and explore life in an old fashioned village. Tickets cost less than a pound, and the museum can be found in Sha Tin.

Aside from museums and theme parks, the city of Hong Kong is packed with amazing sights, sounds and tastes. Wet markets scattered across the city offer traditional food and atmosphere, beautiful beaches are never far away, and local restaurants offer culinary experiences the whole family can enjoy. If you’re hoping for an active, fun filled holiday, keep an eye out for cheap flights to Hong Kong; it’s the place to be.

Guest Author: Theresa Smith is a freelance travel writer.
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