Best Places to Visit in Croatia

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Croatia is located in between the Central and the Southeast part of Europe and between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Croatian capital is Zagreb, which is also the city with the biggest amount of landmarks that the country has to offer. It is known to be among some of the famous tourist countries in Europe because of its rich history, beautiful cities and landmarks. Located in the Adriatic Sea, many tourists from all over the world choose Croatia as one of their summer destinations because the atmosphere is truly incredible. Just like every other country, Croatia is rich in history. The history dates back to the Palaeolithic Age when the country was first inhabited. Since then, the history kept growing with lots of kingdoms, empires, dynasties and unions involved. Speaking of empires, one of the most interesting facts about Croatia is that the country was founded on the ruins of the Roman Empire.

Here are other historical facts about the country that are very captivating:

● Back in 925 was when The Croatian Kingdom was established with King Tomislav crowned as the first king.

● In 1102, Croatia entered a union with Hungary after the last king (Peter Svacic) has died.

● Croatia is the home to Nicola Tesla. Born in 1856, he eventually became one of the most famous electrical engineers and inventors in the whole world.

● Just over hundred years later, in 1990, Franjo Tudman made history as he became the first Croatian president.

● Croatia proclaimed Independence a year later, in 1991.

Besides the history, Croatia has hundreds of places to offer to tourists. One of the fascinating things about the country is that almost everywhere, regardless if it’s an island or city, you can be close to the crystal blue sea. The Croatian cities are full of places to go and things to do as well. Some of the tourists’ favourite cities to visit in Croatia are Zagreb, Korula, Pula, Zadar, Rovinj, Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik.


Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb was chosen as the capital not only because it is the biggest city but because it stands out from the rest. The vibrant city is full of museums, landmarks and galleries. Not only that but it has an ancient look that is reminiscent of Austria and Budapest. Some of the places in Zagreb that you have to check out are the “Museum of Broken Relationships”, the “St Mark’s Church”, the “Cathedral of Zagreb”, the “Ban Josip Jelai” and the “Upper Town”.

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Korcula, Croatia

Korcula is an island that might be small but it’s definitely worth visiting. There are things such as the “House of Marco Polo” and the “Cathedral of St. Mark” that are both located there are and are the main tourist attractions. The so-called “House of Marco Polo” is actually rumoured to be the birth home of the famous traveler himself. The main town in the island is Korcula Town which is known for its huge walls and architecture that has a Venetian Renaissance look.


Pula, Croatia

Pula is the home of one of the most preserved Roman amphitheaters ever – the “Pula Arena”. There are other places besides the “Pula Arena” that are worth visiting such as the “Temple of Augustus”, the “Arch of the Sergil”, and the “Brijuni National Park”. Almost all of the landmarks in Pula have a beautiful Roman architecture.


Zadar is the oldest city in Croatia that is continuously inhabited. The first traces of people who inhabited the town go back to the Stone Age. Some of the best things about Zadar are the landmarks that are part of it such as the “Church of St Donatus”, the “Zadar Cathedral”, the “Monument to the Sun”, the “Land Gate”, the “Sea Organ” and many others.


Rovinj is a small town that has less than 15, 000 citizens but is a huge tourist attraction, mainly because of its beaches and islands. Rovinj has also fishing port, city gates and Baroque churches that people like a lot.


Split is the second largest city in the country. Known as the “Mediterranean Flower”, it is full of exotic places. Some of the most visited places in this urban area are the “Diocletian’s Palace”, the “Saint Domnius Cathedral”, Riva” and the “Mestrovic Gallery”.


Hvar is another island that’s located off the Dalmatian coast and also located between Bra, Korula and Vis. Some of the things that many people like to visit in the area there are firsts, lavender fields, olive groves and similar greenery.


Dubrovnik is located in the south part of Croatia. It is one of the most remarkable cities mainly because of its location, history and tourist attractions. The city became one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites back in 1979. If you are in the area, there is a long list of places that you must visit. The list includes the “Walls of Dubrovnik, “Lokrum”, “Stradun”, “Lovrijenac”, “Rector’s Palace”, the “old City of Dubrovnik” and the “Dubrovnik Cathedral”.

When it comes to tourism, Croatia has a lot to offer to everyone who likes exotic places or landmarks with Roman design. Whether it’s one of the beautiful towns with a Baroque or Venetian Renaissance architecture and landmarks or some of the parks, there are plenty of things to do. There is a reason why millions of tourist return every year to spend time in Croatia.But besides the above-mentioned cities and landmarks, there are plenty of parks that should be in the list of your “most exciting Croatia visiting places”. Parks such as the “Plitvice Lakes National Park”, the “Krka National Park”, the “Paklenica National Park” and “Kornati”. They are all full of exuberant array of landscapes and scenery. They can give you an example of Croatia’s natural beauty, especially with all the greenery and the beautiful fountains, lakes and rivers. You can visit all of them and still find yourself craving for more places to visit in Croatia.

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