Top 7 Romantic Things to Do In Liverpool

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While you are in Liverpool, there is nothing romantic than knowing more about The Beatles and their songs while you explore various other tourist attractions of the city. Without a doubt, Liverpool is one of the romantic cities in the world. Make sure you do the below-discussed 7 romantic things while you are in this beautiful city.

Tate Liverpool

There is nothing romantic than wandering hand in hand while you explore the best artwork. Tate Liverpool is a place where you get to explore the modern art. It is located on the Albert Dock and the best thing is that it is in close proximity to the City centre. The gallery holds special exhibitions on regular intervals and you get to explore the best artwork from different parts of the world.

In the recent years, this art gallery and museum have featured exclusive exhibitions from some of the renowned artists including – Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, and Andy Warhol. You also get to be a part of special events, participate in various family activities, or both of you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Albert Dock. You can also purchase special gifts or souvenirs, books, postcards, and prints.

Enjoy A Romantic Picnic

Summer time is the best time to pack up your favourite scrumptious treats and head out to the serenading parks of Liverpool. These parks offer the privacy where both of you can have a quality time together. Some of the romantic picnic spots are as follows –

Formby National Trust – The gorgeous beach of Formby and coastal pinewoods surroundings is an apt place to enjoy picnic. Here, you get to discover prehistoric footprints, miles of coastal walks, and red squirrels. There are three picnic areas where the families can enjoy a nice picnic. During summers, you can also enjoy soft drinks, ice-creams, and coffees.

Liverpool Festival Gardens – This garden is known to have lush green surroundings and here you also get to see rare & beautiful flowers. This is an ideal spot for the lovers to hang around and at the same time enjoy a nice picnic while you enjoy the views of the parkland. Both of you can also enjoy cycling, fly kite, or you can take a dog for a walk. During summers, you can also become a part of various events.

Whirlowbrook Park – The park is located towards the south-west of the city centre. This garden is perfect to have an intimate picnic. After lightening the load, both of you can enjoy a leisure walk towards Ringinglow.

Endcliffe Park – This park has everything you need to enjoy a romantic picnic. Enjoy playing Frisbee and this is a place for a charming lunch stroll. Before you leave, make sure you have visited one of the popular bars on Eccy Road.

Stay In A Romantic Hotel

It is important to set the scene, so make sure you have chosen a perfect hotel in Liverpool. Luckily, when it comes to beautiful and romantic places to stay, you have so many hotels to choose from. Hope Street Hotel, is a popular boutique hotel, it is strategically located in the middle of the street connecting two cathedrals of Liverpool. Staying in a hotel with a taste of the rich history of Liverpool can be an experience of a lifetime.

So, if you are looking for such a hotel, then make sure you have booked a room at 30 James Street, the Titanic themed hotel. Adding a touch of luxury, you will find whirlpool bath. If your lover is a huge Beatles fan, then your choice should be Hard Day’s Night Hotel. This is a four-star hotel and you will find it close to Mathew Street.

City Walks

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Exploring the city’s different attractions together on foot is one of the romantic things you can do. Liverpool City Walks have so many guided walks. “Introducing Liverpool” will make you familiar with the history of the city and various iconic buildings as well. On weekdays, “Discovery Waterfront World Heritage” will let you visit the interiors of 3 Graces, Royal Liver Building, and the Cunard Building.

Booking the Beatles Tour will allow you to know more about Fab Four, this will take you to the old Beatles haunts such as art school of John Lennon and Cavern Quarter.

Sefton Park

If the weather is kind enough, then make sure both of you have visited Sefton Park, close to the centre of Liverpool. Both of you will surely love strolling in the beautiful park, you can take a round to the picturesque boating lake to the impressive Palm House, this is where you get to discover the statue of Eros. Both of you can also enjoy a nice cup of tea at the either side of the Lakeside Café.

Mersey Ferry

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I am sure this is one boat trip your beloved will remember for the rest of her life. Standing at the deck of the Mersey Ferry, both of you get a chance of appreciating the city’s popular skyline. Bobbling along on the gentle waves, with both of you holding each other tenderly, is certainly a unique experience. You get to sail past the Royal Liver Building supporting a huge clock in the center, make the most of your ride as both of you pass by Hamilton Square and Seacombe.


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