Best Coffee Shops in New York City

New York coffee shop

It’s not just New Yorkers who love the local java, but the coffee scene of the Big Apple also sweeps tourists off their feet. The city is marked with a plethora of unique coffee shops that show you just how tantalising the beverage can be. However, navigating the ocean of cafes can be a tad bit difficult, especially if you are not from the five boroughs. But worry not as mentioned below are the best coffee shops that the New York City has to offer. You can visit any of these and treat your palate to a cup of steaming delight.

Two Hands

Two Hands is the brainchild of two Aussies who strive to bring to the people of New York City the coffee culture of the Land Down Under. It defines itself as a community-based café where people can unwind in a welcoming ambience, and relish nutritious and toothsome food. The refreshing coffee made from beans sourced from Nicaragua makes it one of the best coffee shops in NYC. If you happen to visit Tribeca outlet of the restaurant, then do not forget to order the ricotta hotcake.

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Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle is frequently counted among the best cafes in NYC, and the reasons are galore. It was founded in the early 2000s to give the denizens of NYC the delicious taste of coffee made from fresh beans. Every cup of beverage served at Blue Bottle is made using beans roasted not more than 48 hours ago. Blue Bottle today has numerous cafes across the United States of America and Japan, and the taste of coffee is better than ever.

Coffee Project NY

Founded in 2015, Coffee Project NY quickly became a haunt for the people of East Fifth Street to enjoy sips of coffee and share stories. September 2018 saw Coffee Project NY expanding to Brooklyn to bring the explosive taste of their coffee to the people of the borough. The delicious coffee of this place frequently takes it to the pages of renowned magazines. Nitrogen Cold Brew and Deconstructed Lattes are a must try. Feel free to ask the baristas about the intricacies of coffee making.


Another name that you will frequently find on the lists of ‘Best New York City Cafes’ is Sweatshop. It is an amalgamation of a coffee shop and a design studio. This Aussie-styled café may not be one of the largest coffee shops you would find in NYC, but once you taste their speciality beverages, you wouldn’t mind ordering takeaways and sipping them down while strolling on the bustling streets of the Big Apple.

Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee is passionate about two things; their customers and coffee. They procure their beans from different parts of the world to make sure that their patrons get the best coffee that the world has to offer. Beans are home-roasted in small batches, so every sip you take is bliss. Walk into any of the 10 Birch Coffee Outlets in New York City and get your java fix to the fullest. Just grab a cheap flight booking offer and step into one of the Birch Coffee outlets to treat yourself to a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

Happy Bones

Happy Bones isn’t your run-of-the-mill place to have coffee. It is a medley of intriguing art, some good reading material and coffee that takes your senses on a ride. Tucked away in the Lower Manhattan area, it was originally opened in Little Italy to pay homage to the country where espresso was invented. The owner of the café are a couple of coffee lovers who come from New Zealand, the country that has had a flourishing espresso culture for decades. Their coffee is sourced from a company that coordinates directly with farmers to offer the best beans to their clients.

If you happen to be an aficionado of good java and book a cheap flight ticket to the Big Apple any time soon, remember to pay a visit to a few of these and savour some of the best cups of coffee you have ever tasted.

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