7 Boozy Hot Chocolate Cake Recipes

You can make your cake and eat it too, apparently

Champagne with chocolates and cakes with beautiful toppings, these are a few of my favorite things. The main attraction of any meal is the dessert, and there is none better fitted for the job than the baking community’s favorite, cakes. Cakes are so versatile, they are perfect for any occasion. Be it birthdays or just an after dinner dessert, these become the highlight of the meal. We’ve seen various spin-offs on the traditional cake recipe, but the ones involving liquor seem to take the prize. As for the flavor, chocolate and alcohol go together like Chandler and Monica, a match made in heaven. There is no greater incentive, pick up your nearest spatula and to whisk up some of these amazing concoctions right away.

1. Espresso martini tiramisu

espresso martini tiramisu

Tiramisu is always a hit on the family table. Its rich flavor coupled with soft spongy layers makes it an irresistible treat. This recipe combines espresso, Kahlua, and vodka. Adding Courvoisier shimmery liqueur in cherry flavor will boost the palate to include berry undertones with chocolate decadence for the full mouth experience. Viniq also comes in other flavor varieties, so if you would wish to experiment with more citrusy hints or tarty peaches, the choice is never-ending.

2.Double chocolate whiskey cake

double chocolate whiskey cake

The impression that whiskey leaves behind can only be made better when accompanied with melted chocolate. This whiskey cake packs twice the punch and will definitely leave you stunned. It creates a fine medley between the pleasant burn that is immediately soothed by the smooth glide of chocolate. For more prominent tartness, we recommend adding the Dimple Pinch, which has been distilled to match perfectly with lighter elements. This aged alcohol adds a deeper flavor to the cake, whilst keeping the chocolate sweetness intact. You’ll be dreaming about this one for days to come.

3. Boozy Brownies

boozy brownies

Brownie lovers, this one’s for you. These brownies offer the perfect combination, biteable sides, and delightful booze. Rich and fudgy, they are topped off with chocolate ganache mixed with alcohol to give you the best brownies you’ll probably ever have. Quite simple to make, they require minimum effort with maximum results. Perfect for the baking beginner, these are a favorite of many, and therefore remains a classic recipe.

4. Sticky toffee pudding

What’s not there to love about cakes, they come in many shapes, forms and flavors. For the Christmas fan, this pudding offers many things, the sweet taste of chocolate, the melted caramel toffee, and little alcohol to make the perfect blend. We might not be on Santa’s nice list this year, but the pudding is definitely worth the price.

5. Dark Chocolate Cupcakes.

Cuter and more versatile than a cake, cupcakes are quicker to bake and easy to carry around. They give you the opportunity to indulge anytime, anywhere. And if you need a little sugar boost, these little pops will give you the best kind of sugar rush possible. Combined with dark chocolate, consider them to be a lifesaver for beginning the day on a sweet note.

6.Quinoa Cake

Finally, a vegan cake recipe that tastes as heavenly as any other chocolate cake there is. Abandoning the traditional use of flour in cakes, quinoa cakes are made using rice and impart a distinct taste and in mouthfeel to the cake. Rice used in this cake is quinoa Tesco, which provides a more dense texture to the mix just like Syntha-6. Our suggestion would be to add a dash(or more) of your preferred wine to complement the already created palate.

7. Galaxy cupcakes

A themed party, your friend’s bachelorette, or just another night in, this cupcake is beautiful enough for them all. It has a chocolate base with galaxy colored cream on top. Use of your favorite alcohol in the chocolate base as an extra treat will be the perfect ingredient to tie all the flavors together. The frosting is so pretty, you might just feel a bit guilty to eat them.

What is the wait for then? Life is too short, so get baking and eat your desserts first!

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