Delicious Local Canadian Cuisine To Try Out In Edmonton

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, Canada serves as a virtual haven for lovers of authentic Canadian cuisine. Traditional Canadian preparations are heavily influenced by the cuisine of the ethnic Aboriginals of the region, British cuisine as well as French cuisine. During the nineteenth and the twentieth century, Canada witnessed heavy immigration from Europe, Asia and several other parts of the world. Foreign influences have, hence, seamlessly blended with the local cuisine of the nation, creating yummy, lip-smacking Continental Treat delights for the gastronomic juices.

Fine Dining In Edmonton

Some of the most typical Canadian dishes that are loved by the inhabitants of Edmonton, as well as tourists to the city, are:



Poutine food
This is a preparation made with French fries, curd and cheese. You can it also include lobster, lamb, pork, beef and shrimps. While poutine generally forms a part of the main course in a meal, it can also be had as a filling snack item.

Montreal bagel

It is a sweet dish made from egg and malt. The preparation is round in shape, with a hole in the centre. It is boiled in water, mixed with honey and then baked. Poppy seeds or sesame seeds are spread over it for a better taste.

Peameal bacon

peameal bacon
Boneless pork loin is rolled over yellow cornmeal and then cooked. Bacon can also be used instead of pork loin. Several additional ingredients, like lettuce, maple syrup and tomato, can also be used. It is generally served in the form of a sandwich and is also referred to as cornmeal bacon.



Nanaimo bar

This delicious dessert derives its name from the city of Nanaimo, in the West Coast of British Columbia. It comprises of a cookie that has three layers. The first layer is made up of wafer crumbs, while the second layer is a thin spread of vanilla or butter. The topmost layer has a thin slice of molten chocolate. The icing is available in different flavors (like peanut butter), giving greater options to food-lovers.

Maple syrup

This has always been a very important component of any Canadian cuisine. Maple syrup consists of 66% sugar, unlike the version available in New York. You can have it with sandwiches, pancakes, porridges and such other light items. The syrup can be spread over food, to lend a yummy, sweet taste.

Butter tart

The main difference between butter tarts and pastries is crispy upper portion of the former. These tarts are made of egg, sugar and butter.



This drink is prepared by mixing red wine or port wine with a hard drink, like whisky, rum or brandy.

Canadian whisky

Canadian whisky is also known as ‘rye whisky’, since rye was once the most important ingredient in this drink. Presently, corn is also used for making whisky.

Different types of Canadian delicacies, drinks and desserts are available in Edmonton. While on a visit to this city, do make sure that you get a first-hand experience of fine dining in Edmonton. You will fall in love with the food!

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