Duties Of A Prep Cook You Didn’t Know

In any restaurant, prep cooks are the engines of cooking fortitude. Managing any restaurant isn’t a walk in the park. The prep cook is usually a daring and an enthusiastic worker. Some hum as they work. It motivates them to remain productive throughout their work shifts. They maintain high productivity during peak seasons.


A prep cook has to prepare salad and tiny meat portions. In many places, the prep cook begins working earlier than everyone. However, different restaurants assign various tasks to their prep cooks.

These are some duties performed by prep cooks you didn’t know:


A prep cook prioritizes an attractive prep list. He/she should have a keen eye when preparing it. Handling a day’s prep is psychologically and physically draining for amateurs but a specialty for preps. No wonder some cooks focus on the simple items and neglect the sophisticated ones.

Instead, prep cooks keenly analyze and prioritize the list. Proper time management helps them in checking out several items at a time. Multitasking is a vital skill in restaurants.


Some kitchen workers are afraid of thawing chicken. With a little plan, one can easily avoid it. Veteran chefs recommend removing foodstuff from a freezer before preparing them. A competent prep cook makes a detailed plan of various recipes needed in a particular day early enough.

Familiarizing With the Fundamentals

A restaurant grows as a result of innovation and numerous trials. They don’t shun from introducing new recipes that have never been used before. However, prep cooks focus beyond what meets the eye. They don’t allow the adventure to distract them from having a perfect understanding of various kitchen principles. Kitchen skill specialization is crucial.

Propel the Restaurant’s Growth

Apart from learning essential kitchen routines, getting promotions is also part of a cook’s mission. Occasionally, new chefs work as prep cooks to understand various meal operations, master the menu and comprehend a chef’s customs.


Most prep cooks are occupied by numerous thoughts in a shift. They ascertain the status of the fresh stock. As a cook, before you wind up for the day, you should ensure that ingredients required in tomorrow’s meals are adequate and available. In case of any shortages, you should promptly alert the kitchen manager for new supplies.

It’s your role to clean, label and organize items as well as receiving orders. You should note down the required elements in an erase board and communicate your needs to the manager. The cook should always fill the daily kitchen prep sheet. Leaving out an ingredient could determine whether a meal will maintain a customer or not.

Coordinating other Kitchen Employees

In a restaurant, the prep cook keeps other workers on their toes. Each staff has to play his or her part at the right time for them to make a decent meal. They also motivate junior employees to work whenever they are in low spirits.

Prep cooks are vital in a restaurant’s operations. Apart from their culinary roles, they also undertake some managerial duties. One should have excellent interpersonal skills to thrive in this career.

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Guest Author : Jordan Kammer, a retired chef, now spends as much time as he can outdoors, but when that’s not possible he enjoys spending time with his wife cooking new and inventive meals. He also spends a great amount of time coaching his son’s basketball team and going to the movies.
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