German World-Famous CurryWurst

German currywurst

It is impossible to take a food tour in Berlin without including currywurst. This is a delicious German dish associated with fast food. Currywurst is made with pork sausage that is first steamed and then fried. It is then sliced and seasoned with a curry based ketchup. This is a type of German sauce using either tomato paste or spiced ketchup as a base then sprinkled with curry powder and additional spices. Currywurst is usually served with an order of french fries. 


Herta Heuwer received the credit for the creation of currywurst in 1949 in Berlin. The idea originated after she received either Worcestershire sauce or ketchup and curry powder in Germany from the British soldiers. She mixed all of her ingredients together and added some additional spices before she poured the mixture over grilled pork sausage. Since her creation was not only filling but cheap she was able to sell it in Berlin in the Charlottenburg district. She simply did business from a small street stand. Since the city had been devastated it was filled with a lot of construction workers who favored her dish. In 1951 she finally received a patent for her special sauce and it was called Chillup. At this point in time Herta Heuwer’s sales totaled an amazing 10,000 servings every week. She eventually opened her own little restaurant and continued operations until 1974. She celebrated her 100th birthday on June 30th of 2013. 

One of the most amazing versions of currywurst is served on the secret food tour Berlin. German food has been a part of their cuisine for more than fifty years. They make the lovely little markets, stalls containing delicious street foods, lively cafes, and superb bars feel like home. They introduce you to the local grocers where the ingredients for currywurst can be found and explain the wonderful quirks that give German food its distinction. This tour is the perfect combination of food, drinks, and the pleasures of Germany. 

The very first fast food stand to sell currywurst in Berlin was Konnopke’s Imbiss in 1960. The popularity has continued to increase and today currywurst is sold as fast food, take out food, at diners, at snack stands, as street food, on menus designed for children, and at greasy spoons. Currywurst of usually sold with either bread rolls or french fries is incredibly popular in Germany. Currywurst enjoys the height of popularity in Ruhr, Hamburg, and metropolitan Berlin. Over time there has been a lot of variation in the ingredients and the type of sausage used to make the dish. Some areas have added chopped onions while others have added paprika. When currywurst is sold in a food booth there is often a specialized machine to slice the sausage into pieces. It is served on a paper plate and small plastic or wooden fork is provided. There is actually a specific currywurst fork. Supermarkets sell a currywurst product that can be easily prepared at home. Taking a food tour Berlin should include eating currywurst in a traditional setting. 

According to the Deutsches Currywurst Museum, approximately 800 million individuals in Germany enjoy eating currywurst every year. Berlin accounts for 70 million of these individuals. More than 3.5 million currywursts are produced by the Volkswagen plant at Wolfsburg every year. Their own butchering allows them to serve 1.6 million of their employees on a yearly basis. Currywurst has become one of the icons of the German culture and the former Chancellor is a big fan of the dish. Tradition dictates every candidate who runs for mayor of Berlin have their photo taken at a currywurst stand.

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