Remarkable Thailand Food Dishes

Thai dishes are literally world famous. Some of the Thai dishes are very popular in the western countries. As main ingredients you can add some of the protein side dishes such as pork, chicken, beef, tofu, duck or some delicious seafood. In Thailand you can have an array of dishes that you can enjoy with your friends and family. The dishes are really mouth watering where essential proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates are present in adequate quantity. You can have different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For different parties you can choose to serve different dishes. People will love to enjoy the Thai delicacies as they have some intrinsic taste within itself.

For breakfast Jok and Khao Tom are famous. Jok is a rice porridge which is a renowned name in Thailand. Khao Tom is rice soup in Thai style. It is best combined with chicken, pork or shrimp.

Pad Thai is a rice noodles fried with sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and tamarind pulp. Other ingredients are peanuts, seafood, tofu, and egg that are combined with chicken. Khao pad naem is another Thai dish where fried rice is combined with sausages. Khanom chin namya is a round rice noodles. Often it is topped with curry sauces, the taste of this dish comes best when added with some fresh vegetables and leaves. Khao pad gai is a type of fried rice mixed with chicken. Pad see ew is actually noodles fried with see ew dum i.e. think soy sauce and also nahm plah or fish sauce. Pork and chicken can also be added with this.

Pad nais a type of rice noodles mixed with beef, seafood, shrimp, pork and chicken. Pad kee mao is an interesting Thai dish. This is Thai noodles mixed with basil leaves. Khao soi is a crispy noodle made of wheat. Sweet chicken curry soup is added with this dish. Khao khluk kapi is rice mixed with shrimp paste. This is garnished with pork and vegetables. Gai pad grapao is softened chicken with chilly, garlic and also basil leaves.

These are some of the important dishes in Thailand. You can try anyone of them as all the dishes are excellent to eat and also easily digestible.

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