5 Must Do Activities in Paris

France regularly draws visitors from all over the world.  Millions flock each year to its major cities and small villages alike, from the mountains to the coast and in between, to experience the fabled French lifestyle.  Literature and movies alike have kept alive the romantic notions of this country, contributing to its allure.  At the heart of it all is Paris.  This bustling capital, with a population of well over 2 million, boasts art and culture, cuisine and night-life, shopping and beautiful architecture, and a whole, whole lot more.  There is a reason it is the most-visited city in the world – Paris makes for the perfect vacation.  This article highlights five of the things any traveler should make time to do during their Paris holiday.


Top 5 Paris Activities

Picnic at the Eiffel Tour

Nothing says Paris – or romance – like the Eiffel Tower.  Slightly cliché?  Yes.  Beautiful and inspiring?Definitely.  Any visit to Paris would not be complete without a close-up visit to the Eiffel Tower, the most well-known symbol of France.  Stand in awe of the sheer size of the tower as you gaze up from its base, and ride the elevator up it for great views of the city.  Be sure to pack a lunch or at least a snack and have a picnic on the lawn stretching out from the Eiffel Tower.  You won’t forget it.  Of course, pack some French wine and a bit of cheese!

ArtShopping in Montmarte

The Montmarte neighborhood of Paris, perched up on a hill, has a charm not found pretty much anywhere else in the world.  Strolling around its windy, cobble-stone streets and popping into its many art shops is a treat.  From high-end art to the very much affordable, there’s something for everyone that will make your house feel a bit like Paris and remind you of the world’s greatest city!  The cafes and pubs in Montmarte are also especially nice, and the Church of the Sacred Heart should not be missed.  The view of Paris from the steps leading up to the church is great.

People-Watching on Champ de Elysees

Champ de Elysees is where you will want to go to observe the Parisian elite in action, as they peruse luxury brand shops lined on the street.  Grab a coffee at one of the outdoor cafes and do some people-watching with the beautiful Arch de Triumph in the background.

Walks Along the Seine

Walking along the banks of the river that cuts through Paris, the Seine, is a great way to take in many of the diverse neighborhoods the city offers.  Note the amazing architecture along the way.

Climb to the top of Notre Dame

Paris’ most famous church, Notre Dame, is well worth a visit.  Climb the stairs to the top (or at least near the top) for fabulous views of the city and the Eiffel Tower.  On the viewing platform, you’ll get up close and personal with the gargoyles; it makes for some great photos.

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