5 Secret Adventure Destinations in Mumbai That You Didn’t Know About

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. Every mumbaikar knows that hustle is the religion here and they accept the hustle just like they accept the rains, the crowd, the opportunity, and the independence that this city has to offer. Early mornings and late nights is what the city is about throughout the weekdays but what does Mumbai have to offer on the weekends? Sure, nightclubs and the like have their own charm but for the average adrenaline junkies that just does not make the cut. So what does Mumbai have in store for them? The short answer is- a lot. If you want the longer answer then keep reading.

Snorkelling in Malvan

snorkelling in Malvan

Mumbai and the sea have a never ending love affair. So it is obvious that snorkelling tops the list of adventure sports around the city. Malvan is a town about a ten hour drive away from Mumbai and is a popular destination for those who regularly go snorkelling or are into other adventure sports. Even if you are not someone extremely experienced with snorkelling you do not have anything to worry about. The town is inhabited by an abundant number of guides who will assure you a safe and fun experience.

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River Rafting in Kolad

If you are not a fan of road trips or of long journeys Malwan might not be the right pick for you considering its distance from the city. However you should not let that discourage you from planning your weekend rendezvous. Just three hours away from Mumbai is Kolad. A fascinating town on the banks of Kundalika river. The town is an ideal destination for river rafting and it also makes for some beautiful Instagram posts thanks to its rich and vivid scenery. If you are looking for some adrenaline rush this weekend this is the place for you.

Dirt Biking in Lonavala

Water sports are really popular around Mumbai mainly because of the city’s proximity to water bodies. However not everyone wants to go jump in the sea for their weekend. So what do you do if you want to hear your heart pumping in your ears without getting drenched head to toe in water? You go to Lonavala. Della Adventure Park boasts of one of the best Dirt Biking experiences there is. The adventure park also has great security system and guarantees a safe experience. So if you feel stuck in the Mumbai local everyday and want to unleash the biker in you this weekend head over Della Adventure Park. Lonavala also has bungee jumping and trekking facilities where you can go.

Jeep Safari in Andheri

tadoba tiger safari in Andheri

Maharashtra has one of the most diverse fauna in the country. The state has several wildlife sanctuaries all across it dedicated to protecting the biodiverse landscape of the state. This means that there are also many safaris around Mumbai for the wildlife lover in you. One such example is the Tadoba Andheri Tiger Safari. The park is located right on the slopes of Chimur and surrounded by lush green forests. There’s beautiful bamboo plants surrounding the place and the entire landscape is something straight out of a painting. Even if you do not spot a river the beautiful jungle itself is something worth seeing.

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Para Gliding in Panchgani

There is something absolutely surreal about Para Gliding. The air brushing past you, the adrenaline high that one gets from the jump. There is really nothing else that quite matches up to it. Panchgani is an ideal destination if Para Gliding is what your heart wants. Once popular amongst the Britishers for its beautiful weather and Sahayadari’s view Panchgani now attracts tourists from all over the country for its Para Gliding experience as well.

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