Auli – A Complete Travel Guide

One fascinating thing about Auli is that here you will get the best experience of both – snowy high mountains and furthermore apple plantations and pine trees. During winters you can appreciate snow all around the place and during summers you can get lost in the midst of the pleasant mountains.

This guide will respond to every one of your inquiries concerning this place, from Auli’s climate, best to visit it, how to reach from Delhi and settlement.

Auli is one of the most underrated places in India but it is popular for skiing spot of India, which is connected through the cable cars – one from Joshimath and another in Auli itself. In here, you will have the option to see the snowy mountains of Garhwal Himalayas, alongside Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Kamet.

5 Interesting Things to Know About Auli

There are a few spots to see and explore in Auli. It is a tiny spot as compared to other hill stations and because of that reaching from one spot to another is easy. It likewise offers an amazing view of the mountains so it is easy to sit and have a cup of tea and relax your mind. Below you will find all the details of the places where you can visit in Auli.

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Topmost Man Made Lake

Auli (man-made-lake)

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Auli has the world’s topmost man-made lake. It is so pleasant and wonderful, lying right in the center of the hills and high mountains. The reason for the construction of this lake was to make snow in any season, even in summer which makes it the ideal spot for skiing just as for the winter games.

360-degree perspective on the Himalayas, Nanda Devi

Auli gives an excellent panoramic view of the mountains from any place you look at. From here, you can see the second tallest mountain of India – Nanda Devi (the resting excellence), alongside Mana Parbat and Dronagiri. The best part would if you experience these hill station during the winters it looks like the mountains are painted with the snow and sun rays make it’s more beautiful.

Asia’s Longest Gondola Ride, Chair Car Ride

Auli ropeway (gondola ride)

So there are two ropeways running in Auli. One is known as Gondola – Asia’s longest ropeway that stretches from Joshimath to the skiing spot, covering a track separation of 4.15 KMs in 22 minutes and expenses around INR 700/-. The other one is the chair car ride of INR 300/ – which stretches from GMNV to Auli. Another contrast between the two is that Gondola is a little desk area which is secured with glass windows; travellers remain inside it and spread a stretch of 5 KMs, in any case, chair car is an open pile of seats (truly).

Experience Skiing in the midst of dazzling views

skiing in Auli

Auli is viewed as the best goal for skiing in India and one can ski here all around the season as the fake lake here aides in making the snow during summers also. One can ski here as an expert or as a couple. The pair ski costs around INR 400/ – every hour per person. A person can likewise take a ski learning program which is a 15-day program.

The best part is if you are skiing for the first time then don’t get scared because you can hire an instructor who will teach, guide and keep you safe. So don’t be scared.

Go Trekking

This is for trek lover if you want to do trek you can also trek through the hidden pathways to investigate the genuine beauty of the Garhwal hills. The following is an outline list of trekking spots one can go on to –

Auli – Gorson (3 KMs)

Gorson – Tali (6 KMs)

Bone – Chitrakantha (4 KMs)

Chitrakantha – Gailgarh (3 KMs)

Gailgarh – Kuari Pass (5 KMs)

Kuari Pass – Khulara (12 KMs)

Khulara – Tapovan (9 KMs)

Best Time to Visit Auli

Auli’s climate step by step
Winters: November to February

Summers: March to June

Monsoons: July to October

Auli can be visited all around the year, in any case, if you need to experience and see snow, January and February are the best time for this. During these months Auli’s climate is colder compared to the other months of the years. The temperature can also go in negative during the evening time.

Despite the fact that if you need to get away from the warmth of your city, you can go in May and June to this area, nonetheless, snow will be critical right now. Different months will give you charming climate and pleasant destinations. The temperature is moderate too. Essentially, you can go to Auli whenever, it will thoroughly rely upon the reason and sort of climate you are searching for.

But I would definitely not suggest you to go Auli in rainy season. Because Himalchal is inclined to avalanches, yet additionally in light of the fact that you may be stuck in your hotel rooms because of rain.

The most effective method to Reach Auli

The most conservative and easy way to reach Auli is from Delhi if you are coming from far away places. A trip to Delhi from different states would be less expensive compared with the closest airport which is Jolly Grant airport. But I am considering all potential routes through, from Delhi or commonly

By flight, in the event that you are coming from outside Delhi

The closest airport to Auli is Dehradun – Jolly Grant Airport and from here one can either take a taxi to Auli or pursue the buses route. A side note, however, the separation among Dehradun and Auli is around 300 KMs away. So I would recommend taking a flight to Delhi itself as the drive is effectively accessible from Delhi for Uttarakhand. You can travel at night and cover most of the distance to Auli.

Delhi to Auli by Road

There is no direct transportation to Auli from Delhi until you have hired a taxi or your own private vehicle. Best is to reach either Rishikesh or Dehradun and take another mode of transportation from here.

Ways to Reach Rishikesh from Delhi

Via train and buses

if you need to reach Dehradun through train, take Dehradun Shatabdi Express that reach Rishikesh early morning. From here you can take a bus or a taxi. I would recommend booking the train well ahead of time on the irctc site since the seats on trains book quick.

By bus

The bus is the best choice if you are on a budget limit. There are no direct transports from Delhi to Auli, so, you can travel to Rishikesh in the night and afterwards take a bus from Rishikesh to Auli which head out in the morning.

Ways to Reach Auli from Rishikesh/Dehradun

By shared taxi

The start point to take a shared taxi in Rishikesh. You can take any mode of transport to reach Rishikesh – either a train or a bus and from here you can settle on a shared taxi. We picked a shared taxi too from Rishikesh to Auli that cost us INR 700/ – per individual. In any case, the cost can change between INR 300/ – to INR 1,000/ – which depends upon how great you are at bargaining.

By bus

The bus leaves sometime between 5-7 AM and costs around INR 300/-.

Another choice could be to take a bus to Joshimath which runs more often from Rishikesh. Further, at that point from Joshimath, there are various ways that you can choose– bus or a taxi or a cable car. The distance among Joshimath and Auli is around 16 KMs.

Joshimath to Auli by link vehicle

One choice is to reach Joshimath from Rishikesh by following ways– car, shared taxi, buses (as referenced previously). From Joshimath, you can take a cable car that costs INR 700/-. The gondola ride is the longest in the entire of Asia and unquestionably worth the experience.

Where to Stay

You can stay in Joshimath and travel from this spot to Auli. But if you want to truly absorb the surroundings of Auli, best is to stay in Auli itself.

We booked ‘Manik hotel’ on the spot and got a room for INR 1500/-. You will likewise discover resorts and other costly resorts here. However, since Auli has less choice to stay, it is ideal to book in advance during the peak seasons.

The best thing about this place is that you don’t need to pay any sum ahead of time. Simply hold the room through them 🙂

Wrap Up

I think Auli is the best spot to go to for four days, and particularly during the winters. It isn’t just pleasant yet an ideal escape for daring exercises like skiing. In the event that you are intending to go here, simply proceed with the arrangement without the slightest hesitation.

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