Darjeeling Travel Guide: A Perfect Spot for a Fun Staycation


Every person staying in and outside Kolkata has travelled to Darjeeling at once in their lifetime. So what makes this place so good for your visit? Well, it is the fresh and clean atmosphere which draws in the crowd, and you will feel like you have travelled to your second home. Darjeeling is a place for everyone, and especially if you want a nice vacation with your friends/special ones, then finding your peace here is the perfect definition of an enjoyable trip. Located in the northeastern section of India, it is relatively close to Nepal and Tibet. Darjeeling is a rolling hill of the Himalayas where you can see the soaring sunrise at the Tiger hills and have some hot, steamed momo onto the stalls which are placed outside.

Arriving at Darjeeling:

Okay, so now that you’re official trip has begun, you will be arriving at New Jalpaiguri station, which is also known as the NJP. There are a variety of jeeps that you can book from outside the railway station, so it does not become much of a hassle for you. There are auto-rickshaws that can take you to your closest hotels if they are located not far from your station. And if you are scoping for an hour-long journey, then taking a jeep would do. Note that it is better that you book for a vehicle before handily when you come to the station. Since Darjeeling is a prime tourist spot, these drivers can charge you a lot more than what it usually costs you. So it is better to book for an agency and then get their guided travels so that most of your costs can be saved.

Where can you stay in Darjeeling?

This is not a question of choice but a question that instead comes with a lot of answers and solutions for you. Darjeeling is a spot that is filled with tourists from all around for its vibrant atmosphere and a lot of places to visit. So staying here is not a hassle, after all. You can book your room at the Hotel Capital, which is one of the renowned hotels present at the core of Darjeeling. It is a perfect location to stay since you will be getting an excellent view of the bazaar, and there are a ton of hats close to this area. And there is another hotel called the hotel SEA VIEW. It is another hotel which lies close to the central hatt of this area. So when you are in Darjeeling, staying is never a thing to worry about.

How can you get around when in Darjeeling?

So now that you are in Darjeeling, you might be planning to get around with the ones you have come. So here are some compelling options you can do.

Walk it out

When you are in Darjeeling, then the mountain clasped water is perfect for your health. It increases your appetite and even your strength so that you can eat more and then walk out extra miles than you do at your place. So if you want to visit the near sightseeing’s then walking out is the best option for you.

Taking a jeep

This is the most common choice which is made by visitors when they go to Darjeeling. Taking a vehicle and roaming the places is the perfect way through which you can cover all the various spots and destinations right on time. Even it might cost you a bit much, let’s stay 2k to 3k for a whole day trip, but it will be worth the investment that you put in.

What to see here?

Darjeeling Zoo:

One of the most famous zoos located in Darjeeling, you can see the rare kinds of animals here. There is the black panda, which is awe and extremely pleasing to your eyes.

Tiger hills:

tiger hills Dargeeling

Perfect place to see the sunrise, Tiger hill is an excellent place to visit with your special ones and treat them to a good morning with a hot cup of tea.

Sandakphu Trek:

sunset at Sandakphu

Sandakphu is an amazing winter trek located at an offbeat place from Darjeeling. This place is filled with a serene atmosphere and a richness that will engulf your mind. You can book Sandakphu trek tour package here.

Mahakal Temple:

Chowrasta Square is the primary market of Darjeeling, and this place is located at a range of about 10 minutes from there. Visit this place if you want to see bhakts from all around the world.


So once you have finished your Darjeeling trip, it is time for you to return now. It might be hard to say goodbye to this fantastic place, but trust me because the goodbye journey through the dense forest of Jalpaiguri is the best thing that you can ever imagine. Darjeeling is a perfect spot for a good vacation with your friends. So what are you thinking? Pack your bags and leave right now and get the time out of your life.

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