Indore Travel Guide: Every Foodie’s Dream Destination

poha jalebi

Indore claims to be the food hub of the country. Don’t get carried away -if you’re an ardent street food lover, this place has got to top your bucket list!

Let’s entice you with some relinquishing dishes, which you’d enjoy at the end of the day!

1. Egg Benjo

For all the egg and muttons lovers, you just can’t skip this dish. Go to Johnny Hot Dog to eat the best Egg Benjo. Primarily, the egg and mutton benjos of this place have got a huge fan following. A spicy masala omelette when served with tangy ketchup or chutney, makes it scrumptious.

2. Daal Baati

This dish comprises Baati, which is made of wheat or flour, eventually baked and dipped in desi ghee, and is often served with hot daal. That bite of Bafla, drenched in ghee along with spicy daal will definitely melt and tempt you to have another bite. If you’ve ever been to Indore, you must’ve immensely craved this dish and if you haven’t yet, then this has to get a try!

3. Sabudana Khichdi

Boiled Sabudana when mixed with Namkeen and crispy chips, topped with some spices, coriander and lemon. You would have thought that this is such an easy spot, which you’d probably locate at any part of the country, so what makes it unique? Well, here’s the catch!. The authentic taste makes it different.

4.Moong Bhajia

Bhajias or fritters are something which no one could ever get enough of! Often, tea is incomplete without this. This dish is made of gram flour or lentils. Imagine, in monsoons, you’re sitting on a lawn with a plateful of hot served moong bhajias and chutney, watching the mesmerizing rain, tempting, right? Yes, this is something which you can’t miss out on!

4. Garadu

Winter is incomplete without this dish. It’s a mandatory dish that has to be on every Indori’s plate. A yam-variant, Garadu is cut into cubes and is deep-fried until golden, sprinkled with some masala and is served with chutney. No wonder, this dish could turn an ordinary winter into a pleasant winter.

5. Poha Jalebi

The blissful morning here begins with a plate of steaming hot poha, topped with Indori Sev, some coriander and a dash of lemon. You can have it with crispy jalebis as well. A delicious combination of spicy and crunchy flavours makes it more relinquishing and takes you over the top of the moon. Adding Kachori is yet another cherry on the top of the cake.

6.Malpua and Mawa Baati

It’s a concoction of sugar and flour, garnished with some rich dry fruits, served along with Rabri. It’s a perfect dessert to end the food haul at Sarafa night market.

7. Shikanji

Got a misconception by name? This is no cool soothing lemon water. In fact, it’s rich in texture and is in between Rabri and Lassi, and is often garnished with a heap of dry fruits. It’s usually consumed during summer to stay hydrated!

8. Bhutte Ki Kees

We bet you’d have never had this version of corn anywhere residing in the country. Yet, another speciality of Indore. It’s grated corn garnished with green chillies, topped with some grated coconut, and a slice of lemon. It’s one of the most popular dishes, that you must try when in Sarafa.

9. Gajak

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then this has to be your go-to dish. It’s made of jaggery (Gud) and sesame seeds. This is just not an ordinary sweet but is incredibly healthy too.

10. Kesar Dood

It’s one of the delights of winters. It’s hot milk garnished with some rich nuts and Kesar – sounds ordinary, right? I bet you try the Laxmi Narayan Dhoodhwala at Chawani, it will make you drool over it!

11. Kulfi Falooda

Craving for something sweet and cold? This one’s for you! It’s a delightful dessert which you would crave indefinitely in the summer. It’s a kulfi tarnished with some rich dry fruits, covered under the layer of Roof-Aza. Don’t drool over this already! Go get your hands on this lip-smacking dish!

12. Indori Namkeen

A platter is always incomplete without Namkeen, and if it’s Namkeen from Indore, then definitely it has to be on your list. You can find here a variety of Namkeen like Laung Sev, Khatta Meetha, Heeng Daana, etc which you’d love to hoard up on the way back home!

If these aren’t enough to woo you, try the Sarfa Bazaar, Indore. I bet this is one of the places you wouldn’t regret visiting and is worth every penny! This place has a variety of street foods ranging from spicy Aloo ki Kachori to mouth-watering Kulfi Falooda. Believe me, this place has got everything that an ardent street lover looks for.

The Takeaway

These lip-smacking dishes must’ve definitely wooed you away from all over the country to visit this place.

What’s that street food that you’re now craving? Tell me in the comments section below!

About Author: Aayushi is a content writer at F and B Recipes. When not writing, she can be found creating a List of Citrus Fruits or coming up with creative Food Blog Names.

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