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Jhalana safari tour

There are numerous states in India and the interesting thing about this is that every state is one of its kind and has different cultures, people, festivals, and landscapes from each other. So much diversity in everything is what makes our country even more special and appealing to the tourists from around the world to come and explore this magical experience. Some indian states are very famous among the international as well as national tourists such as the crown of west that is Rajasthan, the heart of centre Madhya Pradesh, God’s own country Kerala in the south and the seven sisters in the east. Each of them offer completely different experiences to the travellers and take away their attention. From mountains to beaches, from wildlife sanctuaries to open grasslands, from high-tech urban cities to beautiful rural villages, India is home to everything you can wish to see on a long trip.


Rajasthan is a beautiful state in the Western region of India and is the biggest state area wise in the country. This is the most popular and sought after tourist destination in India and has been on the top spot for the past many years. The reason of what makes Rajasthan so popular among travellers is the hospitality and warmth the local people have towards the tourists. Rajasthan tourism has this in their slogan itself that goes like ‘Attithi Devo Bhava’ which means the guest is like a god and people of rajasthan are proving it by showing their love and affection towards the tourists from across the country and the globe. Rajasthan has always been about grand forts, lavish royal lifestyle, royal Rajputana families and their heirs. The main attraction of the state is the royalty that it has all over and the way this can be seen in the daily lives of native people. The cultural identity of the locals is just so unique and different that you won’t find anywhere in the world. Jaipur is the capital city of this royal state.


Jaipur is famous and known for the diverse wildlife found near the areas around it. The interaction of wildlife and humans is so perfectly balanced which doesn’t harm wild animals nor it breaches the human boundaries. It’s a part of the lives of people of Jaipur as they know how to deal with it peacefully. Jhalana is one such place near Jaipur which is famous for its Leopard Conservation Reserve. This reserve is spread over an area of 20 square kilometres and is one of the top notch places in the country to spot wild cats whether it be smaller ones or the big ones too. Among all the wildlife animals available out there, leopards and cheetahs are the most famous and sought after ones and the growing population of both is also helping the reserve and making them easier to spot during a safari tour. This place once was the hunting ground for the royal families and then higher British officials but has now transformed into a great place to enjoy jungle safari right in the middle of the city.


Jhalana Safari tour gives you a chance to step into the world of wild animals for some time. During the safari tour you’ll be spending your time amidst the natural habitat to various wild animals and have a glimpse of their lives. Jhalana Leopard reserve is not only home to Leopards and Cheetahs but also has various other wild animals living in the perimeters. When on the tour you’ll be having a chance to encounter animals like Blue Bulls, Spotted Deer, Hanuman Langur, Rhesus Macaque and Indian Mongoose. If that’s not enough for you then there are some other rare species also available out there like Bengal Monitor, Desert Gerbils, striped Hyena, desert Fox, Porcupine, Hedge Hog, Sambar deer and whatnot. Such a huge diversity in the wildlife and that too at the same place is very hard and difficult to find but Jhalana Safari has it all for you to discover.

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On the Jhalana Safari tour you’ll be taken on a complete tour of the Leopard reserve for sightseeing and in a hope to spot a leopard or a cheetah for a bonus. The tour will be done in an open gypsy, traversing through the jungle and into the wild which will surely make you feel adventurous and excitement will be escalated. It’ll be a magical experience to feel the fresh forest air on your face and see various wild animals in their natural habitats.
The tour is of 2.5 to 3 hours and needs to be pre booked before coming to the reserve. The slots are available on offer and you can choose one which suits your timings.


The Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve is located in Malviya Nagar industrial area in Jaipur which is accessible from every corner of the city through public transport without any problem. There’s a provision of parking for private vehicles also available at the location so you can also visit by your own vehicle.


As it is just a safari for a couple of hours, there are no such significant things to carry but you should always carry a good amount of water with you as it can get a bit hot during the safari as there’s no cover from sun in open gypsy. You should keep your body hydrated always and drink lots of water. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not make a lot of noise as animals might get disturbed and behave in an abnormal way to it.

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