Why Do People Love To Visit South India?

India has always been incredible and the tourists visiting India have discovered a pivotal part of themselves. India is always been magical and the people visiting India knows this fact. The people from all over the world visit India and their favourite place to visit in the Southern part of India. The South of India has many aesthetic places which are filled with natural landscapes and cultural heritage. The states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, etc are loved by tourists for these exact reasons.

Apart from the sights, the southern part of India is rich in tourism which means that the state government has made special arrangements for tourist accommodation. There are also many historically significant places in South India which have attracted many history geeks from all around the world. The historical places have also attracted many treasure hunters who are looking for “Tipu Sultan’s Treasure”. Although it is a myth, it gets many travellers to explore the beauty of South India. If you are planning a trip to India, then make sure you actually visit the Southern part of it. Here is why you should visit South India.

Backwaters of Kerala

Backwaters of Kerala

The “Backwaters Of Kerala” is one of the peaceful places in South India. The network of calmly flowing canals, rivers, and lakes slows down the time for you to enjoy every second of your life. The sunset and sunrise in the backwaters is a peaceful sight for you to enjoy. The place is far away from the chaotic traffic noises of the city which makes it a perfect place for a vacation.

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Temples of Tamil Nadu

temples of Tamil Nadu

The state of Tamil Nadu has Madurai which is considered as one of the oldest cities in South India. The city of Madurai is home to many temples which are as old as many ancient civilizations. The most famous temples in Tamil Nadu are Meenakshi temple – Madurai, Ramanathaswamy Temple – Rameshwaram, Brihadisvara Temple – Thanjavur, etc. If you are in Tamil Nadu then make sure that you visit these temples.

Colonial Cochin

The real view of Cochin or “Numma Kochi” (native slang for Cochin City) in its colonial form can only be seen in “Fort Kochi”. The Cochin fort is located at the south-west of Kochi mainland. The Fort Kochi is a collection of small lagoons which is collectively known as Fort Kochi. Fort Kochi is home to several different cultures and culturally significant landmarks. The place is definitely worth visiting if you are “Mollywood” (Malayalam movie industry).


The south Indian cuisine is one of the tastiest food cuisines. There is a common misconception that the South Indian cuisine is filled with Non-vegetarian food. The truth is, South India has the most healthy and vegetarian food in India. Ranging from Idli, Sambhar, Dosha, Idiappam, Avial, Puttu, Kuzhakkattai, etc South India food is amazing which you should taste. Hence food is one of the reasons why you should take a trip to South India.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should visit South India. The places that you see in South India are blessed by Gods and Angles which have made it so beautiful. If you want to book a trip to South India then make sure you book your South India Tour Package from Tamil Nadu Routes.

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