Everything to Prepare Your Trip to Bali In 2022

Indonesia Bali

Small Paradise Island in the archipelago of Indonesia, Bali is one of the leading destinations for tourists to spend unforgettable vacations. The island has many assets, such as a dazzling environment, magnificent beaches and above all a tropical climate.

Good preparation is essential when travel plans are in sight. The various preliminary organizations help to better understand the unforeseen and to allow each participant to make the most of this dream vacation.

Administrative formalities to get to Bali

The local authority requires the presentation of a valid and up-to-date passport to travel to Bali. Its period of validity must exceed the expected return date by 6 months for this document to be accepted. However, obtaining a visa in advance is not useful for a vacation in Bali.

Indeed, once there, the tourist is entitled to a free 30-day visa to stay on the island. In addition, if the stay is extended beyond these 30 days, extending the visa for a period of additional 30 days is possible. To do this, the request must be investigated on the spot.

Where can I find the best exchange rate?

Bali uses the Indonesian Rupiah (RPS) as its currency, which is worth around € 0.013. Given the difficulty of the exchange, the use of a currency converter application is recommended.

  • Change your money once there, yes, but be careful to look at the rate beforehand, some places benefit from tourists
  • Change at the airport of departure at least a small part for the first expenses, the exchange rate being generally quite high
  • Changing your currency online is surely the safest and most profitable place to be.

It is on this last point that it is most advantageous to change your currency. So before leaving, change your currency.

Do we need vaccines for Bali?

In addition to administrative matters, it is strongly recommended to take some vaccines before departure: hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever and the vaccine against Japanese encephalitis if you plan to visit rural areas (rice fields) and not very touristy.

But in truth, no vaccination is really mandatory when preparing for the trip to Bali. In addition, certain diseases prevalent in tropical countries, such as malaria, are not present on the island.

However, it is advisable to take preventive drugs for better prophylaxis (to protect against malaria for example). This is especially required when visiting neighboring islands, especially Java. An up-to-date vaccination record is therefore sufficient to prepare for a trip to Bali.

The best time to go to Bali

Bali has the advantage of having a tropical climate, with good heat all year round. However, it is possible to distinguish two seasons, dry and wet. The dry season is generally considered the best time to visit the island of Bali.

It runs from April to October. Favorite season for tourists, the influx of visitors is not at its peak in May and June, which is why it is advisable to go there during these periods to avoid the crowds of tourists. You should know that Bali can be visited all year round, even in the rainy season. Indeed, the sun is always present after the showers.

The journey to Bali

The plane is the means of transport to get to Bali. The flight can last a few hours, depending on the company and the route chosen. Many airlines offer interesting packages to go to Bali cheap.

In view of the plurality of offers, the use of online comparators allows you to find the best price for your cheap plane tickets to Bali.

Which accommodation to choose?

Each guest has the chance to find the accommodation that suits him best in Bali thanks to the multitude of establishments available. Guest houses, luxury or cheap hotels, rental villas and other structures are available on site.

It is also easy to find comfortable accommodation at a low price. The choice of the establishment thus depends mainly on the motivations, the budget and the expectations of the traveler.

Each establishment strives to provide the most comfort to its customers, according to the options suggested. A hotel guarantees maximum comfort by providing little care and the like.

A villa is suitable for people who are looking for more privacy and space. Book a villa online in advance to be certain of the availability of accommodations. Besides,

Bali accommodation tips: we booked the hotel the day we arrived in Bali at the same time as we bought our plane tickets. Like that, we are sure to have a place to sleep when we arrive (around 11pm). We have also booked a few beautiful luxury hotels in advance, to make sure we have room, but otherwise for the rest of our stay, we reserve the mornings for the evening on the Booking site.

Plan your travel itineraries for Bali

Although Bali is not a very large island, it has a rich environment with contrasting atmospheres. In order to make the most of the trip to the island, it is important to prepare an itinerary to make sure you don’t miss anything. The south of the island is highly popular with tourists, thanks to its beautiful beaches and the lively tourist life. Surfing, partying and nightlife are popular in South Bali.

The north and east of Bali also have pretty beaches. In addition, it is possible to swim in coral reefs and appreciate a very rich marine fauna.

Unlike the coastal regions, central Bali has a rather cool climate due to the altitude. However, it is an ideal destination to learn about the local culture, with its temples and rice fields.

There are many ways to get around the island, although public transport is not very developed. Getting around by bus, scooter and car is possible. It is also advisable to opt for a rental with a driver; the latter will also serve as a guide.

Traveling to Bali is a good opportunity to discover the local gastronomy. The various restaurants concoct and serve local specialties for an affordable price. Besides the great restaurants, other structures also serve delicious food. Indeed, taverns, beach restaurants, and even fast food restaurants are there to satisfy all tastes.

What to put in your luggage or backpack?

A well-prepared suitcase is the guarantee of a successful vacation. A backpack with essentials is best when you plan to walk a lot, especially if you are planning a road trip and don’t sleep two nights in a row in the same hotel.

It is thus essential to be well organized and to tidy up your things to be sure not to miss anything. Documents are the first thing to have in your suitcase. This concerns in particular passports and plane tickets as well as cash.

Then, it is better to prepare some light clothes as well as clothes for the beach. It is important not to forget the sunscreens at the risk of getting bad sunburns. At last, it is necessary to have a kit containing basic medicines and essential products such as mosquito repellants. The camera is also essential to bring back as many souvenir photos as possible from your trip.

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