A Holiday on a Caribbean Island

An array of beautiful islands defines the Caribbean region. Each one is different from another presenting a unique description of beauty. For instance, Jamaica brims with vivacity while Aruba being dry and featureless is considered an awesome island for holidaying without a headache. More than dozens of islands vary not only in their appearance, but also in their offerings for the visitors.

If you are a Caribbean-bound visitor, you must be thinking which island to choose for a rejuvenating and adventurous holiday experience. Find your answer going through the following discussion:


A group of beaches with world-class accommodation facilities, big malls, good restaurants and bars are what Aruba has to offer to the visitors. Spending some quality time with family and friends amidst a serene environment away from the hustle bustle of the city gets true in Aruba.


In need of a quick escape? Are you a party animal and nurture great interest in diving? Given a chance, will you explore an island on your feet? If the answer to all these questions is yes, pack your bags and reach the Bahamas.

Cayman Islands

The charm of South Florida is reminiscent in Grand Cayman which is a hub of adventurers with great opportunities for diving, swimming and snorkelling. Get set for a hassle-free holiday and indulge your adventurous spirit on the Cayman Islands.


Jamaica reflects a distinct urban culture. Food is yummy and music is foot-tapping. Urbanization has not diminished the natural beauty of this island. Jamaica is the cynosure of the Caribbean region.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a buzzing beauty with Hispanic culture scattered here, there and everywhere. Past-seekers are going to have a great time in this place. For entertainment and excitement, you can visit a casino to indulge in a game of chance.

St. Martin

is a small island where vivacity is the main attraction. The Dutch and French culture make their presence felt everywhere. A week-long stay in this lively and lovely island will revive your spirit and you can resume your work with loads of positive energy after the holiday.


Anguilla is a tiny island with beautiful beaches. The friendly locals, the picturesque beauty and the serene environment make it ideal for a family holiday with privacy. Finding a villa on this island is not a difficult task. You may contact PPA Villa Properties for  a luxurious accommodation on this pretty Caribbean island.


Modesty and lavishness are the most suitable adjectives to describe the island of Antigua. The colonial heritage is vehement in the English Harbour where you will find yachtie hijinks. Small pristine beaches add to the appeal of the island. A couple of days here is sufficient to rejuvenate yourself.


Located on the edge of the Atlantic, Barbados is a paradise for surfers. Sunbathing on a golden beach is a nice experience. This island caters to every taste. It is worth mentioning that most budget travelers flock to this Caribbean island every year to take a break and refresh.

English Virgin Islands

The English Virgin Islands are the more secluded and less-urbanised version of the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are close to 40 islands and Tortola is the centre of attraction. If you are a snorkeling enthusiast or love diving, this the Caribbean island to spend your next holiday. Sunset cocktail parties at Tortola are quite famous.


The best way to describe Cuba is to say it wild and wonderful. Urban beauty is at its best in Cuba. Havana is worth exploring and it will alone take a few days. Nature lovers and adventurers will find it hard to leave the island.

So, choose your Caribbean island amongst these for a wonderful holiday this Christmas.

Guest Author: Arthur Brooks works in the travel and tourism industry. He shares and active interest in holidaying around the world and sharing his experiences on his blog. He also offers ideas and opinions about how to plan the different aspects of the holidays. He suggests that you choose the right accommodation from PPA Properties for your holiday.
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