Singapore The Leading Tourist Destinations In Southeastern Asia

Singapore is one of the leading tourist destination in southeastern Asia. The tourist destination is thronged by leisure travelers and business travelers alike.  If you want to enjoy a happy vacation with loads of fun activates then Singapore is the ideal destination for you.  The city has a number of tourist attractions as well. Singapore is also one of the leading business destinations in Asia. You can also have a great shopping experience in this city. The entertainment facilities in this city are also great. For this reason the city has become a major tourist destination of Thailand.

Singapore is an island city state that is situated at the southernmost part of the Malaya Peninsula. The city lies 137 km of the equator. Singapore is a microstate as well as the smallest nation in Southeast Asia. It is the only other surviving sovereign city state other than Monaco and Vatican.

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The history of the city state is quite fascinating. Before European settlement the site of Singapore was a quite fishing village in the mouth of Singapore River. Later in the year 1819, the British East India Company established a trading post in this site and began to use this fishing island as a port along the spice route. Later it became one of the major commercial and military centers of the British Empire.

Tourism is one of the largest industries in Singapore. Every year several millions of people visit Singapore to enjoy a great vacation. Singapore as a travel destination has a lot to offer to the tourists who visit this Southeast Asian travel destination. The city has great scopes for shopping, accommodation, dining and sightseeing. The tourist destination has also developed itself as a major hub for medical tourism. Thousands of tourists visit this tourist destination to seek medical care.

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