Top 14 Amazing Coffee Outlets in Singapore

What pops into your mind when you wake up in the morning all disoriented or when you pull an all-nighter before an important exam? Yes, we are talking about coffee! In fact, millennials would unanimously agree that coffee is synonymous with productivity and motivation, and we all know what lack of motivation does especially when you are a student. Don’t believe me? Well, you can see the numbers the growing number of assignment writing services on the internet.

Now Singapore too consists of a sizeable population of coffee lovers and connoisseurs (including yours truly!). So if you share the same appreciation for coffee and need a good reason to visit the city, I’m going to give you 14.

1. Costa Coffee

costa cofee Singapore

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If you are a caffeine enthusiast, you must have heard about Costa Coffee. It is one of the fastest and largest growing chain of coffee shops that originate in the UK. Now they have expanded their chain of cafés in this part of the world as well. That’s definitely a blessing for the coffee lovers, and also because the general population in Singapore are all for sitting in coffee shops with good ambience. Costa coffee has multiple outlets in different parts of Singapore, and each outlet presents a distinctive ambience to cater to specific types of consumers.

The beverages are served in different sizes, namely, Primo, Medio, and Massimo. If you plan to head to the any of the outlets anytime soon, you can try their Hot Latte or Cappuccino.

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2. Jewel Coffee

This chain of coffee outlets has emerged as a favourite for many in Singapore. This café has six outlets all over Singapore. This place serves the best-caffeinated beverages, from standards like the long black ($5.50) to less conventional cold drip manual brews like the Portland ($7) iced coffee.

The café also serves cocktails which includes bestsellers like white peach sangria ($16) made with sauvignon blanc. In case you want to grab a hearty meal as well, you will find delicious burgers like Praise the Lard ($18), which is topped with bacon jam and apple slices. And for the health conscious, a yogurt bowl with fruits and homemade granola ($9) would more than satiate the hunger pangs.

3. Starbucks

The popularity of this multinational café chain speaks for itself. With 125 outlets in the city, this chain caters to nearly thousands of customers on a daily basis. Its menu includes Espresso and coffee classics, chocolate beverages, blended beverages, Starbucks on ice, and full-leaf teas. If you visit any of the outlets, you will see why it holds the top position as the most popular café chain in the world. Be it the food, the service of the staff, and the ambience, Starbucks stands out through and through. So if you visit once, you are likely to visit again, and again.

4. Oriole coffee+bar

If you are a connoisseur of this miracle beverage, then you have, at least once, been to Oriole Coffee + Bar (and if you haven’t, this is your cue!). The owners of this joint travel to countries like Ethiopia, source the beans and roast them locally.

Apart from their single origin coffee brews, cold brews served black with milk or cold-pressed nut milk are some popular choices of the people who flock there in search of an authentic taste of coffee.

The Death Cream (S$10++) is a speciality that presents a blend of espresso, vanilla beans and cream. This beverage comes with a high level of caffeine that’s balanced with the tinge of vanilla taste.

You can also try their other signature in-house cold brew, Taisho White (S$8++), which is prepared using Oriole’s in-house signature Raven blend. The café has recently introduced 5 different variants of their bestseller Nitro Cold Brew (S$7).

The Oriole outlet located in Chinatown shophouse is quite different from its sister joints and features a dedicated roasting facility, a research lab for experimenting with new beans and new methods, and a training facility too. The boutique café on site also serves kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs.

5. Sarnies

This modern establishment has carved a name for itself as the go-to place for delicious, quality café.
The coffee beans are perfectly roasted by their team of excellent baristas. What’s more, the coffees are all made with a double ristretto to add more intense flavour. So if you are looking for a caffeine fix, Sarnies is the place to visit.

6. Nylon Coffee Roasters

If you take your love for coffee seriously, then Nylon Coffee Roasters is the pace to be for you. This small joint, which, started out as a coffee roaster is best for a quick takeaway of a cup of espresso ($3) before you carry on with your day’s work. This joint reminisces Chye Seng Huat and Papa Palheta (Owners Lee Jia Min and Dennis Tang were previously associated with the two joints). The joint is located at a quaint neighbourhood and specializes in six types of blends with beans sourced from Kenya and El Salvador.

7. Toby’s Estate

This café presents a team of excellent coffee experts who are dedicated to creating and serving you with the best coffee every day. Toby’s Estate Signature Café & Roastery is located in Rodyk Street and is founded by Toby Smith, who originally hails from Australia.

At Toby’s Estate, you can take your pick from some of the best coffees from all over the world, and explore their varied tastes and aromas through different brewing methods.

8. The Populus Coffee and Food Co.

The coffee bar comes with a sleek décor that will make you appreciate it the moment you set foot inside. They have an open kitchen system, so you can watch the baristas in action, even interact with them.

They have a tie-up with Two Degrees North Coffee Co and provide the roasted coffee beans with 3 blends and 4 single origins at the moment. You cannot leave the place without having a cup, that’s for sure.

9. Common Man Coffee Roasters

This has to be Singapore’s favorite coffee roaster and also serves one of the city’s best brunches. As the name clearly indicates, the cafe is known to roast its own beans and supplies them to cafés across the city. The sustainably sourced coffee makes the taste excellent and authentic. Alongside the beverages, the food is also the real crowd-puller, and equally worth every penny.

10. Dutch colony coffee co.

If you live in Singapore, you’re probably familiar with this one. Dutch Colony Coffee Co instantly strikes a chord with every coffee lover. The interior gives off a cool and casual vibe, perfect for relaxing over some coffee while striking up conversations or catching up on a book.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co offers a wide selection of high quality coffee beans imported from the different regions of the world where everyone can take their pick according to their preferences and enjoy freshly roasted bean with various brewing techniques.

11. Jamaica Blue

This renowned Australian coffee chain makes use of the Wallenford Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans for the different blends of coffee. This café is specifically known for serving the best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, which consists of beans that have strong flavours of Tia Maria (a dark liquer made in Jamaica). These are ideal for both coffee connoisseurs and those who are just looking for a quick caffeine fix.

12. Kith Café

You would always find those who have been here constantly raving about this establishment, and you can’t really blame them! Alongside the food menu, they are particularly known for whipping up a heavenly cup of joe.

The café uses the rotating custom blend of specially roasted beans from different areas in the world like India and Brazil. The coffee drinkers should feel free to try their consistent cup of joe that is smooth, thick in consistency, with underlying flavours of cocoa and dark fruits.

13. Lunar Coffee Brewers

The Cappuccino of this joint is just one of the many popular options to consider. The Cappuccino is rich and creamy with a tinge of fruity flavour to it. This is one of the most authentic brews in the city that you must try.

And, if you are into beverages all that much, Lunar Coffee Brewers has got the fix for you too. Feast on the hearty home-cooked rice bowls and also the signature dishes that originated from its sister cafe, Atlas Coffeehouse.

14. Habitat Coffee

Those with a discerning sense of taste, this café certainly serves one of the most distinctive coffee brews in Singapore. The owners of this place are passionate about presenting different coffee blends of contrasting origins, and each dine-in coffee is served with a tasty caramel biscuit.

So there you have it! These cafés will definitely be a contributing factor in making your stay in Singapore a memorable one. Or if you already live here, it’s time you go and explore these eateries.

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