Top 5 Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Traveling can be such a great experience no matter the season or location where you choose to travel. The only requirement for this is to travel with an open mind and heart and let yourself be wowed by gorgeous scenery and great local people ready to reveal their historical and cultural stories. When the occasion for traveling is the celebration of your honeymoon, you cannot compromise in terms of great locations where you might experience the wildest and most romantic trip of your life. This can be achieved both in summer and during the winter season with proper planning and the wish to have a blast on the road. Therefore, today we will focus on analyzing top five winter honeymoon destinations that you must consider. Discover these below and make your choice!

Miami Beach

An unforgettable honeymoon in winter in Miami

One of the most gorgeous honeymoon destinations during the winter as well as the summer season is Miami. It features the glamour and the glossy thrills that create an unforgettable romantic experience on the road. It features a wide range of great styles that tourists love to discover and the perfect environment for a romantic rendezvous. There are numerous cool hotels in town to consider for accommodation as well as numerous options in terms of fun activities in which you can engage with your life partner.

The iconic deco art style in Miami will make you feel like you have discovered a unique world which you knew nothing about before this trip. You can spend the day on the gorgeous Miami Beach and hit the South Beach bars during the evening and at night. You will be amazed by the local vibes of the Little Havana as well as the Keys. This is not the usual location where everyone travels very often – it is the ultimate romantic destination for newlyweds looking to spread the magic of their love.


The new honeymoon Maldives experience in Niyama

Although the Maldives might not be considered news in terms of gorgeous destinations, you should know that you can always experience it differently in Niyama during the winter season. What will you find there? The perfect combination of exotic natural beauty and technology. It is the heaven of spa lovers who do not mind feeling like part of a new world in which technology found its place in seclusion. iPad room controls, access to latest movies, an endless range of water sport options as well as the world of real spa waits for you in Niyama.

A seductive winter holiday experience far away in Thailand

Couples planning to overcome limits and plan their honeymoon during the winter season can always include Thailand on their list of options in terms of perfect traveling destinations. It is one of the most seductive holiday spots across the globe which makes it a magnificent honeymoon choice. Its natural beauty has become intoxicating for tourists who choose to travel there every year. Everywhere you look you will see couples who are there to celebrate their strong connection and who are in search of wild exotic secrets waiting to be discovered in the area. You can have a great time on the southern beaches of Thailand or go for cultural pursuits in the North. Do not forget to explore the great metropolis of Bangkok because there are enjoyable attractions which you must not miss there.

Enjoy the Hot Spring Experience in Alaska

When you think of winter you can also imagine yourself living in Alaska. If you are planning a winter honeymoon, this is a perfect picture to have in mind. Why? Because you can choose the Chena Hot Springs Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska as the perfect place where to spend the most romantic moments of your life. You will be wowed by the dazzling light featured by the soothing hot springs there. Moreover, you might be lucky enough to experience the Aurora Borealis phenomenon there too if you go there at the right moment. Other activities in which you can engage during this romantic holiday in Alaska are dog slide rides, flight-seeing and massages – everything in the land of real winter and romanticism.

Hot spring, glaciers and the Northern Lights for the honeymoon

Couples interested in planning a special winter honeymoon in which hot springs, glaciers and the Northern Lights are included should also consider Reykjavik, Iceland as a possible option. You cannot get a more epic natural beauty than the one featured by Iceland. It is the perfect honeymoon location for those who want a full package of options and fun. You get to be amazed by the breathtaking scenery, experience the Northern Lights and enjoy days spent at the geothermal spa. Not to mention the Harpa Concert Hall made entirely of glass that will mirror your romantic connection.

Finally, these are five of the top romantic winter honeymoon locations you can consider in 2017. Far away in Alaska, enjoying the Maldives or Miami experience, following the Northern Lights in Iceland or in luxury Suffolk cottages, your only focus should be to have fun and relax this year!

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