The World’s Most Iconic Ski Resorts!

There are hundreds of different ski resorts all around the world but some of them have something special about them and this has led them to become iconic. Find out about a few of these resorts here and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Skiing is a fantastic hobby and sport that is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. It is no surprise really, as it is great fun, a good challenge and you also get to see some beautiful sights. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional, skiing is exciting and something that everybody should try at least once. Around the world there are some amazing ski resorts that should be visited by everyone, and these locations are considered to be iconic because they have some of the best ski runs in the world, but also because they are situated in some beautiful areas of the world with picturesque surroundings so be sure to take a camera when you visit these!

There are lots of different ski resorts, but listed below are a few of the more impressive ones which should be visited by anyone with an interest in skiing. At these resorts you will enjoy being in the buildings as much as the actual skiing itself.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc (France) – This is perhaps the most famous ski resort in the world. It is situated at the foot of the highest peak in the Alps. It also features one of the longest ski runs in the world, an impressive 22 kilometre long run! Chamonix Mont-Blanc also has a great history as it was host to the first ever winter Olympic Games in 1924.

Deer Valley, Utah (USA) – This is a very sophisticated and civilised ski resort which is exclusive for skiers. They have some beautifully manicured runs, heated sidewalks, loads of great shops and fine dining. The five star Stein Ericksen Lodge is a fantastic place to stay which boasts a luxury suite with a gourmet kitchen, master bedroom, stone fireplace and much, much more.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec (Canada) – Situated in Eastern Canada about an hour from Montreal, this mountain has an impressive 94 runs on four different slopes. The Fairmont resort has a ski lift right at the door of the resort. It also features a spa, shops and boutiques, restaurants and a pedestrian-only village.

Cortina d’Amprezzo (Italy) – This charming resort is surrounded by the picturesque Dolomite Mountains. Cortina was the site for the 1956 Olympic Games. The Miramonti Majestic Grand Hotel features brilliant views over the Cristallo and is a five star resort with delicious regional cuisine and beautiful rooms.

Sun Valley, Idaho (USA) – Sun Valley is always packed with celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry David, Ashton Kutcher and many more, and it is no surprise when you look at the resort. It was the first luxury, purpose-built winter resort in America. The Dollar Cottage has six beds and six baths, a hot tub on the deck, a wood burning fireplace and a marble kitchen. There is also a fantastic and lively après ski scene here, and even the option of horse-drawn sleigh rides to the Trail Creek Cabin for a fine dinner.

Aspen, Colorado (USA) – This world famous ski resort is great for people of all abilities and the four beautiful mountains are the perfect backdrop to what is sure to be a great trip. The St. Regis Resort is great for summer sports, winter skiing and much more, and the hotel features a heated pool, fitness centre and a spa with lots of excellent body treatments.

Zermatt (Switzerland) – Zermatt is a fantastic destination for any fan of fine dining, and this is because here you will find the highest density of gourmet restaurants in the world. On top of this there are also all kinds of fun activities and places to relax, and The Chalet Zermatt Peak is the best place to experience all of this. Here, there is a walk-in wine cellar, a wellness centre, cinema and much more.

These are just a few of the many terrific and iconic Ski resorts that you will find all around the world. If you pick any of these then it is guaranteed that you will have a fantastic experience whether you are hitting the slopes or enjoying all that the resort has to offer. To enquire about ski resorts in Zermatt, you can visit Supertravel who will be able to provide you with more information on the local chalets and resorts in the area. These resorts boast some of the best runs in the world, but it is also about what the surroundings are like, what features the resort has and personal preference. All of the above resorts have all of these aspects and plenty more, so start planning your next ski trip to one of these iconic ski resorts today.

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