Explore Singapore Like A Local

It’s always better to try and stay away from the main tourist hotspots in popular destinations. Generally speaking, the areas where all the tourists head to will be a lot more expensive and extremely busy. Plus, they aren’t really places that the locals will visit, which means that you aren’t exploring the destination like a local. There are lots of benefits of trying to get away from the beaten path and heading into the areas that aren’t so well known to tourists. You’ll be able to mix with the locals and see their way of life and culture firsthand, and it certainly won’t be tainted in any way by tourism.
Singapore’s beauty

One of the best countries to explore like a local has to be Singapore. It’s a notoriously expensive place to visit, but if you get away from the crowds of tourists, you’ll find that the average price of food and other goods dips a bit. Not only that, though, but exploring this city-state like a true Singaporean will give you a great insight into what it is actually like to live here.

So, ready for some top local travel? Here are some tips that can help you do that in Singapore.

Get Your Morning Coffee To Go

Did you know that Singaporeans love coffee so much that it could be considered their national drink? It’s true! Coffee in Singapore is always freshly roasted, so you don’t have to ever worry about being given a watery cup of instant coffee. More often than not, it is served with condensed milk. People in Singapore love to enjoy their coffee on the go too. You might be surprised to find that takeout coffee isn’t served in disposable cups here – it’s actually served in little bags! You’ll be given a little straw to drink it with, or you can simply take it back to your accommodation so you can prepare it just how you like it.

Grab Some Food In The Hawker Centers

Singapore is also known for its fantastic street food. In fact, you will find most of the best street-food stands located together in centers known as Hawker Centers. There are a few different Hawker Centers located at various points around Singapore. The look just like outdoor food courts. As they are outside, they can often be a lot warmer than the indoor food courts that often benefit from air conditioning. However, the Hawkers are often a lot cheaper and you will be able to try some fantastic local dishes at very reasonable prices.

Book Accommodation In A Cheap Neighborhood

As well as food, accommodation is one other thing that can be very expensive in the main tourist areas of Singapore. So, when you are on the lookout for a hotel room or holiday rental, it’s best to cast your search a bit wider and look for areas that aren’t too central. The HDB Pasir Ris estate is a great place to look for a longer-term rental if you plan on staying in Singapore for more than two weeks. For short term rentals, some of the cheaper areas for hotel and Airbnb rooms include Geylang and Little India.

Plan Your Trip During A National Festival

One of the best ways to experience the culture of any country is to visit while there is a national holiday or festival. That is no different when it comes to Singapore. In fact, thanks to the many different cultures and nationalities that you will find in Singapore, there are quite a few different holidays and vacations throughout the year that you might want to plan your trip around. For example, why not visit for Singapore National Day? This is once a year on August 9th. This marks the anniversary of the city-state gaining independence from Malaysia. There are also some very popular Chinese New Year celebrations throughout Singapore that are worth checking out if you are around.

Go Fly A Kite

Every visitor to Singapore should check out Marina Barrage Dam. It’s a green outdoor area that is perfect for strolls and enjoying the views of the city. While you are wandering around this beautiful area, though, you might spot quite a few people flying kites. Tourists love to head to Marina Barrage Dam with their kites to let them fly through the skies. As kites are quite cheap in Singapore, many tourists buy one to join in with this fun spectacle too!

Rent Out A Bike

As well as flying kites, the locals in Singapore also love getting around by bike. There are a few places you can hire out bicycles from around the city-state, most of which offer them at very reasonable prices. Once you’ve got your set of wheels, you should head straight to the East Coast Park. This pretty green park features lots of cycle paths and it also stretches out to the coast, so you’ll be able to bike all the way to the sea.

Try Some Tai Chi

The Singaporeans absolutely love Tai Chi. In fact, most of them, especially the elder ones, can be found out in the area’s many parks early in the mornings practicing this form of exercise. There are said to be many benefits of practicing Tai Chi. Firstly, it helps promote healthy movement of the body and can keep the joints working as they should. Secondly, it’s really good to help relax you and clear out your mind. It’s certainly a great way to start the day and set yourself up for a day of sightseeing!

Go To The Beach

Singapore is known for being very urban and cosmopolitan, but it also has a very scenic coastline as well. In fact, at the weekends, you will find that most Singaporeans head out to its many beaches to cool off and enjoy the cooling ocean waters. It’s worth heading out to the coast with them, as it isn’t something that many tourists do while visiting.

Hopefully, all these tips help you explore Singapore like a local!

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