Golden Beaches and Bountiful Vineyards Captures: Explore Cape Town!

Cape Town is a touristic city that has managed to become the land of perfect adventures for everyone. If you want to spend an exciting holiday in a great place where you can engage in a wide variety of activities, this is the right choice for you. It constantly cracks international top lists of best travel destinations across the globe.

We totally understand why: it is pretty spectacular to witness during the day and at night. There is no chance for tourists to get bored during their vacation there because the golden beaches and bountiful vineyards are ready to ensure the perfect magic you need in your life. Let’s discover more about what you can do in this location and how you can come back home with valuable memories.

The Golden Beach Experience

golden beach cape town

When you consider Cape Town as the next travel destination, you must get ready to have some fun on the most beautiful golden beaches in the world. As soon as you get there, you become aware of the fact that you will feel spoiled by the amazing section of spectacular, top class beaches. When we add up the scenic mountains to the equation, it will equal perfect experiences on the other side of the world.

You can visit the whole wide range of beaches there. You have the chance to see secluded bays and open, long stretches of sandy beaches as well. You will not come back from your trip just with a golden tan but also with fond memories of this remarkable touristic region.

White Sandy Beaches in Cape Town

white sandy beach cape town

Get ready to experience the white, golden sand right under your feet this year! You can choose some of the softer and most comfy beaches to spend time on and engage in perfect playful activities with friends. You can stroll down the beach, relax on your towel, dive for a stray volleyball or swim your worries away. Whatever you choose to do, the soft sand will cushion you and offer you that perfect relaxation you have long strived for.

Summer time in this location offers tourists perfect beach weather. The refreshing see breeze near the water edges perfectly complements the soaring temperatures and help you cool down. In terms of activities, everything is possible. You can even consider a late afternoon picnic on the beach. There will be fewer tourists there then and you can simply take in the scenery while eating your favorite food directly from the picnic basket.

The sunsets in the area are simply amazing and nothing like what you have previously experienced. Take some candles with you and you are ready to enjoy the warm flow of the African sun setting over the amazing region together with your life partner.

Entertainment is ready for you to experience on any of the beaches you may choose in Cape Town. Some bat and ball fun can never get out of the equation. If you are planning on making new friends there, you may want to consider starting a funny game of touch rugby right on the beach. You can choose volleyball sessions, Frisbee, bucket and spade games – whatever you feel like doing there on a sunny day. Sandcastle building competitions are also ready to help you discover your creative side.

The Vineyard Experience

Your adventure in Cape Town cannot be complete without the vineyard experience. Get ready to engage in wine and cheese tasting experiences, engage in the most thrilling cellar tours and have the best lunches of your life there.
You can consider Rust en Vrede, Vergelegen or Mullineux Family Wines for this adventure. On your first stop, you will get the chance to experience the unique taste of only the best red wines: Cabernets, Shirazez and Merlots. You will also eat at the best restaurant in the area that has become famous for celebrity visits in the area.

During your experience in the scenic Somerset West estate sitting just below the Helderberg Mountains you will gain access to lovely gardens and the Cape Dutch manor house. Enjoy the cellar tours organized there and never leave the area without tasting the best wines in the world. Camphor Restaurant is also a good choice if delicious food is on your wish list as well.

Cape Town is an amazing vacation destination that you must consider for your African experience. Enjoy the sunny days on the white sandy beaches and discover the perfect taste of top wines in the world!

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