A Guide to Great Bars & Restaurants in Benidorm

Often called the ‘Manhattan of Spain’, Benidorm is a location packed with striking skyscrapers, beautiful beaches and exciting attractions. A popular tourist destination, this municipality is certainly a sight worth seeing. Another factor which adds to Benidorm’s magnificent appeal is its bars and restaurants. Swimming in a sea of fantastic places to dine, this location boasts some of the finest restaurants in the world. Here are five of the best bars and restaurants this great destination has to offer.

The “Manhattan of Spain”, the magnificent Benidorm

Manhattan of Spain”, the magnificent Benidorm.

Amigos Bar and Restaurant

Serving a variety of dishes from European delights to continental delicacies, this restaurant is a fantastic place to dine.
Visitors can enjoy an early morning, relaxing brunch or a romantic, evening dinner at this wonderful dining spot. With great service, staff ready to wait on guests hand and foot, Amigos bar and restaurant is a friendly and welcoming place. The house special is surprisingly lasagne, providing customers with the chance to enjoy a superb snippet of Italian cuisine. Offering beer served in ice glasses, visitors in need of that refreshing, evening drink need look no further.

The Vegabond

A French restaurant located in the centre of Benidorm’s quaint, old town, The Vegabond offers visitors a choice of exquisite and delicious dishes. Established in 2007, this restaurant boasts an incredible attendance and popularity. Its main cook, Chef Frederic, has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry and has spent many years perfecting his culinary skills. With a variety of meals from delightful lamb chops complemented by a hint of mint sauce to superb chicken a la king, this restaurant is full of dishes waiting to be enjoyed.

Estebans Restaurant

Open Tuesdays through till Sundays, visitors can enjoy endless meals of absolutely beautiful cuisine. Specialising in international dishes, this restaurant freshly prepares all its food, ensuring that it is cooked to sumptuous perfection. Using only seasonal produce from the area’s local suppliers, Estebans Restaurant aims to help bring prosperity to its local community. Situated in the old town of Benidorm, visitors can enjoy a wander around the town’s mystic, intriguing streets after enjoying the mouth-watering delights from this restaurant.

Two Palms Restaurant

Serving British food, visitors in need of a good ol’ home cooked meal will find it here. Anyone missing home can enjoy a taste of traditional British cuisine at this superb restaurant. With international food also served here, customers are bound to find something that suits their mood! From delicious deep fried cod to juicy garlic mushrooms, the Two Palms offers a variety of great meals. A friendly, family restaurant, adults and children alike will fall in love with this traditionally styled eatery.

Indian Gate

The largest Indian restaurant in Benidorm, the Indian Gate is a popular spot amongst tourists and locals alike. Opened in 2003, this restaurant has become increasingly popular over the years. The only eatery to be owned by an Indian born and bred chef, this restaurant brings the true tastes of Asia to Benidorm. Boasting an incredible 97 main dishes, along with 23 vegetarian dishes, visitors are guaranteed to find something to tickle their taste-buds. Open from 6pm every evening, visitors with a love for Indian cuisine are sure to be happy here.

A delicious selection of Indian Cuisine.

A delicious selection of Indian Cuisine.


These five great restaurants are amongst the best that Benidorm has to offer. From enjoying a traditional taste of home to India’s finest flavours, these bars and restaurants offer a variety of cuisine from across the globe. With so many delicious dishes on offer, visitors are bound to be able to fill their plates when visiting Benidorm!
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