Scuba Diving Around the Island of Menorca

Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea; it is named as a result of being smaller than the close by island of Majorca. Of all the Balearic Islands it is widely claimed that Menorca is the best for scuba diving.

Menorca has an abundance of underwater caverns, caves, air pockets and wrecks, as well as wonderful sea life. The Spanish National Trust, who ensures the marine life has time for regeneration, protects most of Menorca’s coast.

Menorca has perfect, natural, scuba diving facilities, and below are just a few scuba diving activities you may want to do while you’re there. 

A scuba diver with all the appropriate equipment enjoying an expedition

A scuba diver with all the appropriate equipment enjoying an expedition

Diving School / Courses

Whether you have already done some training at home and want to finish a ‘referral’ scuba diving course, or you’re a complete beginner, there are many schools and courses available within Menorca.

If you want your entire holiday to be engulfed by scuba diving, there are courses that can last up to 10 days, which include theory, pool modules and sea dives. However, if you’d rather just have a taster, you can spend a day learning the basics and then decide if you would like to develop your scuba diving skills.

The prices vary depending on the company, but it’s never going to be extremely cheap, however it is definitely an affordable holiday activity, and a once in a life time experience.

Malakoff Wreck

105 meters long, this shipwreck stands upright underwater, forming an artificial reef, which is fully colonized. It is believed that this cargo steamer was owned by the French and was shipwrecked in 1929.

It is now home to some outstanding sea life including scorpion fish. The Malakoff wreck is considered to be the best dive in Menorca; unfortunately, due to its depth and complexity it is only advisable for experienced divers. However, even if you don’t do this dive on your first trip, it’s definitely worth returning.

A group of scuba divers about to explore a shipwreck

A group of scuba divers about to explore a shipwreck

Pont d’En Gil Cavern

This 220 meter long cave dive is suitable for all divers looking to experience some underwater beauty. The cave has been described as a ‘geological masterpiece’ and a must for all budding divers.

Although it is an underwater cave, there are few areas in and around the cave where daylight cannot be seen, which is one of the primary reasons it is suitable for all divers, even those on their first dive who are still a little unsure of the water.

Ocean Diver Wreck

Laying 27 meters below the surface, the Ocean Diver wreck is 1.25 kilometers off shore. This shipwreck is the ideal excursion for beginners particularly interested in shipwrecks as the ship is relatively small and uncomplicated compared to other wrecks around the coast of Menorca.

Over the years the wreck has deteriorated significantly and it is thought that the wheelhouse may soon collapse into the hull. The beautiful translucent sea squirt Clavelina lepadiformis lives within this wreck, and it’s worth visiting if only to experience these fantastic creatures. 

The Beltower and the Organ Loft

This cavern is also known as ‘Tom’s Belfrey’, and can be entered via 2 different spots. The most interesting thing about this cave is the air pocket located within a chamber in the cave. Many divers indulge in the thrill of being underwater yet having a pocket of breathable air.

The Beltower also leads to ‘The Organ Loft’, which is a further cave, only to be dived by experienced divers due to its low ceilings and sandy floor. It should also be dived with a real for extra safety precautions because the visibility is very poor within the cave.


Menorca is the perfect place for scuba diving with its clear waters, shipwrecks and incredible sea life. If you are looking for a perfect holiday rental visit

Whether you’ve never dived before or have plenty of experience, there are a range of dives suitable for whatever level you are at.

Article by Natalie Moody


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