Beautiful Bangkok

Known as Krung Thep or the city of angels, Bangkok is the most well known tourist destination in South East Asia. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok offers travelers a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The opulence and elegance of the city has made it one of the leading tourist destinations of the world.

Beautiful bangkok

Apart from being the 22nd largest city of the world, Bangkok is also known as one of the most well known political social as well as economic center of South East Asia. The city with its rich history, culture and tradition plays an influential role in the art, politics, education and entertainment in Asia. The city is also known as an important financial center not only in Thailand but also in Asia as a whole.

In spite of being a cosmopolitan city Bangkok still preserves its old heritage well. The city houses the most visited historical venues in the country. The major tourist attractions of Bangkok include Historical monuments and temples like Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho. The Rattanakosin area of the city houses several monuments of historical importance. The modern Bangkok also houses a number of modern architectures and amusement facilities.

Bangkok airport being the largest international airport in the country, welcomes the major portion of international tourist volume in Thailand. There is a wide array of accommodation options in Bangkok ranging from luxury hotels, business hotels to budget hotels where one can enjoy a comfortable stay.

Bangkok nightlife is also vibrant with numerous bars, discos and nightclubs. There is ample scope of enjoying more traditional forms of entertainments like theater, music and dance performances as well as movies in the city. Bangkok is often described as shoppers’ paradise. There are a number of shopping malls along with colorful markets where one can buy interesting artifacts and souvenirs.

Bangkok offers a great combination of tradition and trend that makes the tourist destination different from any other tourist destination of the world. With its amazing historical venues, luxurious Bangkok hotels, vibrant nightlife, great shopping experience and a rich cultural heritage, the city lives up to its name – Krung Thep or the city of Angels.

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