10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Ukraine

Ukraine as a country often has got many tourist attractions which are normally very interesting. It is one country in Europe which is definitely worth a visit and hence can be an ideal place if you’re planning for a holiday destination. Basically, Ukraine has got its own features which reflect Eastern Europe. For instance, this country has got vineyards whereby they produce the native wines, historical sites, ruins of the ancient castles, native wines, protestant and catholic churches, Orthodox as well as few synagogues and mosques.

Kiev also referred as Kyiv is the capital of Ukrainian and often it has got very many unique structures such as broad boulevards and Saint Sophia Cathedral. Let us have a look at the other well known tourist attractions sites that are present in this country.

The following is a list comprising of some of the popular tourist attraction sites that are found in Ukraine;


Kiev is among the oldest cities present in mainland Europe. It plays a very crucial role in European civilization formation. Kiev is one place you won’t miss in a variety of interesting things. For instance, in this city you’ll find a variety of ancient churches, beautiful landscapes, broad boulevards as well as a variety of the cultural facilities. This in addition to other interesting things makes this city a fascinating destination.


This is another ideal place you can use to spend a Ukrainian vacation. From all over the corners of the world, Crimea is an excellent vacation destination for thousands of tourists. This city has got health resorts, good restaurants as well as well stocked shops which will definitely make your stay turn out to be a memorable one.

Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains

This is an impressive landscape with hiking and skiing possibilities, spas with hot and cold springs. Basically, a beautiful mix of the natural areas, meadows, forests as well as shepherds all make the mountains turn out to be ideal tourist attraction sites.

Kamianets- Podilskyi

Popular tourist attraction sites in this place include the architectural attractions in the center if the city including the cathedral of Saints Paul and Peter, the ancient castle, city hall building as well as the numerous fortifications.


Lviv is often full of historical and culture significance according to the history or Ukraine. It’s one of the most ideal cultural centers present in Ukraine. The city is well known as the center of theatre, music, art and literature.


This is a harbor city in the black sea with a mixture of very different cultures, including Armenian, Jewish, Greek, Russian and German culture. Odessa is not only a Black Sea resort but also the largest trading center present in Ukraine. This place is often enchanting with its different marvelous architectures.

Sofievka Park

Sofievka Park is among the world famous garden park art creations. In this park there are many scenic areas including fountains, waterfalls, a stone garden and ponds, which will definitely make your visit to this place turn out to be an interesting one.


Yalta is situated on a deep bay which faces south towards Black Sea. It is surrounded by the wooded mountains. This place has got a warm humid tropical climate with numerous orchards and vineyards in the vicinity. Also, it has got as well beautiful embankment along Black Sea which will definitely make your visit to such a place turn out to be a memorable one.


Places to see while in Paltava include the gun barrel shaped Column of Glory, the October Park as well as the Spassky church. These places will definitely make your during your vacation to Ukraine.


It is among the oldest cities of the Kievan Rus. Its architectural monuments include the Church Assumption in Yelets Monastery and the Ivan Mazepas’ baroque army building.

Last but not the least; ensure that you pay a visit to Ukraine in order for you to experience the aforementioned tourist attraction sites.

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