Will Brexit Affect Your Travel To The UK?

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Last summer, the United Kingdom sensationally voted to leave the European Union. Even though the polls in the run-up to the referendum had been very tight, not many people expected it to actually happen. As a result, there are still lots of questions, and many things are still up in the air, and it looks like that is set to continue as the talks and negotiations to let them leave are set to last another year.

Even though we aren’t directly affected by the Brexit result in the USA, lots of families are now wondering about the effects that this will have on their travels to the UK in the future. As the United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for family holidays, there is no wonder why so many people are beginning to worry about this.

To, hopefully, answer any questions that you and your family might have, I’ve done some research into the whole Brexit situation. Your answer might be in this blog post.

Traveling From The US To The UK

Most experts don’t expect too much to change when it comes to traveling between the US and the United Kingdom. That’s because the United States aren’t in the European Union, so nothing should change when it comes to the border between the two countries. Travelers from each country will probably still need to apply for a visa in order to travel. However, one change could occur with the airlines that we use to get between the countries. That’s because there could be major changes to the way that airlines operate between the UK and the EU. So, if you usually take a transatlantic flight that stops off in an EU country, you might notice some changes to the usual airline or even a change in the journey altogether.

Traveling From Another European Country To The UK

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Right now across Europe, there are ETIAS countries which are all in a Schengen zone. This basically means that anyone who travels between two countries in this zone does not have to show any documentation to cross the border. The UK has never been part of this zone, and travelers between the country and the Schengen zone need to show a passport. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? However, once Brexit has taken place, and the UK has left, crossing borders could be made slightly more trickier. It’s not yet known whether UK citizens will have to get a visa to travel to the EU after it has left. If they do, then it could cause chaos at border controls as it is forecasted that there won’t be enough border staff to take care of checking so many more visa travelers. That could mean a lot more delays for you and your family if you are traveling from the UK to the EU or vice versa!

At the end of the day, it still isn’t clear what will happen after Brexit. At least you now have the time to increase your knowledge about the situation so that your family travel to the UK isn’t affected!

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