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Qatar is now considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world, particularly for its vast reserve of oil and gas. The country is hyping up these days for the coming 2022 FIFA world cup; and businesses will be filling up the region. It is a great opportunity for businesses between Qatar and its supposed business counterparts to flourish. If one chooses to be part of these booming businesses, he should make his entrance with style. Impress investment prospects by flying first class to Qatar in a corporate jet charter. Some of best in luxury air travel, like Qatar Executive Business Jet Charter travel to and from Qatar.


The skyline of Qatar, particularly of its capital, Doha, is a fusion of modern style design concepts and its own Arab and Islamic traditions. Doha is where the business district, commercial, financial, and government activities are concerted. Visiting and touring the area of high rise buildings is a captivating activity; and the skyscrapers, like the Al Bidda Tower, are fascinating objects to watch for their majestic and grand designs. The area around Doha is a hub for both business and pleasure. Luxurious and high end shopping centers line the streets of Doha. It is also home to many financial institutions for any investment to partake on.


Qatar offers a variety of first class quality accommodations, particularly around Doha. The hotel experience in Doha promises to be soothing and relaxing after long hours of business negotiations, and provide inspirations, ideas, concepts, and visualization for a future look of the market and industry. The Millennium Hotel Doha, with its five star quality service, epitomizes those ideas and visions from its unique architecture style and fine quality detail of modern design with a mix of traditional concepts. Another place great for relaxation and inspiration is the Kempinsky Hotel and Residence. It offers a privileged lifestyle experience, a thing to aim for in the business environment. With these, accommodation in Doha showcases the plentiful opportunities awaiting an investor in Qatar.

Inland Sea Safari

desert safari, QatarThe inland Sea or the Khor Al Daid is an inlet coming from the Persian Gulf with dunes of sand surrounding the area. To get there, one can ride a four wheel drive vehicles across the sand. The ride is one exciting and exhilarating adventure through the desert sands. The wonderful oasis destination is a breathtaking and energizing sight to behold. One can also jet ski around the waters of inland sea; or go swimming; or even go desert camping in the area.

Dunes Discovery

One very pleasurable activity to do in Qatar is partaking of the dune discovery adventure. It is an exhilarating exploration, crossing and crisscrossing the desert unto its dune formation. A dune is a sand formation that looks similar to a hill. Driving through the desert and climbing up and down the dunes is a thrilling and exciting activity. The burst of speed and the smell of fuel as the cars throttling at full speed towards the desert dunes is a fun thing to do and cannot be missed when visiting Qatar.

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  • Thank you for this brief travel guide. Mexico is 4 hours flight from me and my plan was to take an all-inclusive package and stay on the beach. But now I’m convinced I should explore this country, its museums and archaeological sights.

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