10 Reasons Camping Makes for a Great Family Holiday

Holidays abroad are great, although having to travel to the airport or ferry port to catch a plane or boat can be really stressful. There’s so much to get ready for a trip overseas. There are the passports, the tickets and all the things you don’t usually need in the good old UK – like heavy duty insect repellent. Organising a family holiday abroad can be an anxious time and can end up costing a fortune.

Camping holidays on the other hand, are a lot more affordable and the best part is there are some wonderful places to go to and all of them are within the UK. If you are new to camping, you don’t know what you’ve been missing on, so here are 10 reasons why you should really give it a go this summer.


Camping by the seaside, great fun for all the family!

Camping by the seaside, great fun for all the family!

Reason Number 1

A camping holiday is a very affordable way to spend time with your family. There are some gorgeous regions of England where you’ll find brilliant camping grounds. Some of them have lots of amenities and others are more basic, but there’s a great choice of places whether on the coast or more inland.

Reason Number 2

Camping holidays give you the perfect opportunity to spend some real quality time with the whole family. The great outdoors has a lot to offer and doing things together as a family can really build up that bond again.

Reason Number 3

If you have a dog, camping holidays are great because your four legged friend can go with you. It is best to check this out with the camping site first, but normally they do allow pets on the sites. Obviously, your dog has to be well behaved and just think of the money you save by not having to put your dog in kennels – something that can really stress some dogs out.

Reason Number 4

If you plan your camping holiday well, you get to really appreciate the great outdoors and this includes doing a little al fresco cooking. The kids will love this part of your camping trip because you could include cooking up marshmallows over an open fire and other goodies that children of all ages enjoy.


The peace and tranquility of camping in the country.

The peace and tranquility of camping in the country.

Reason Number 5

Your whole family gets to breathe quality air in some very nice locations. The kids can have their own tents which always make it a fun experience for them – being independent in a tent is a dream come true for many kids, and as a parent you’re always close by at the camp ground to keep an eye on things. Talking of tents there are many varieties available, cheap Outwell tents are an affordable solution for a family of all sizes.

Reason Number 6

Camping gives you the chance to teach your kids so much about the environment. Being in the ‘great outdoors’ lets you develop an appreciation of Mother Nature in all her glory. If you live in town for most of the year, camping really does give you the chance to hike around the countryside or stroll along a beach taking in all the flora and fauna around you.

One thing you’ll notice are the skies. In the country these are so much clearer which makes star gazing such a wonderful experience. You can teach the kids all about the star constellations namely Orion, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor to name but a few – you might all witness a shooting star or two.

Reason Number 7

You can make each day of your camping holiday a new adventure – exploring the area whether on foot or on bikes – it’s a great way to discover nature, landscapes and our native wildlife.

Reason Number 8

There is nothing nicer than sitting around a camp fire telling stories and feasting on marshmallows whilst looking up at a starry sky. Kids of all ages love doing this and there’s a good reason why – it’s fun.

Reason Number 9

Camping holidays are really social events and you have a great choice of locations – if you want to go to an unusual camp site, you’ll find one. If you want a luxury one or a stylish camping ground, there are plenty to choose from all over the UK.

Reason Number 10

What about a glamping holiday? If you don’t feel like roughing it with the family, glamping could be the answer. It’s camping but in style and typically eccentric in a very British way, slightly extravagant and definitely fun – for a couple – it’s perfect.


Well there you have it, 10 great reasons why you should consider a camping holiday for all the family this year. Experience the great outdoors, share some great family together time, camping holidays are what lifetime memories are all about.

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