Family Vacation Ideas Where Parents Can Actually Relax

family vacation

Vacations with your family are important. It’s a perfect opportunity not just to unwind and visit wonderful places, but to foster a deeper bond. Family trips are beneficial not only in the moment, but it also helps build lasting, positive memories for your kids. A picturesque day at the beach with your spouse and kids is like a dream come true.

But when it comes to the actual vacation time, reality speaks very far from expectation. The expected get-away and relaxing time can turn into chaos and disaster, from the nightmare of packing, to your toddler throwing a fit in the airport.

Is it possible for parents to really enjoy and relax on vacation with their kids? Here are some vacation ideas where parents can have fun with their kids, and savor every moment of their trip. Here are some destinations where you might want to book your next vacation:

Smuggler’s Notch

This perfect get-away from the city noise is located in Jeffersonville, Vermont. It’s a 3,000-acre hideaway that offers lots of activities for your little ones. You can bring them to the pool, have them stroll in the playground, or visit the zoo. To complete the experience, you can bond with the whole family while kayaking and walking on the woodland trails.

Married couples are happier when they find time to have fun. Leave your kids to the trained staff of Treasures Child Care Center and go on a dinner date with your spouse. Both of you can even end the day with a relaxing massage at the Wellness Center. This place will keep your kids entertained while you and your husband relax and spend time together.

Disney Cruise Line

Have you ever dreamed of going on a cruise with the whole family? Booking in with Disney’s third ship, The Dream, will literally make this dream come true. They have lots of features and activities to offer that you and your entire family will surely enjoy. Have fun watching Broadway-caliber shows and dining at their top-tier restaurants. Your kids will love you even more as they get to meet their favorite Disney characters.

If you want some pampering time with an ocean-view oasis, head to The Senses Spa and Salon and enjoy your full body massage while your kids are in good hands with Small World Nursery. Since most of working parents don’t get enough of alone time, it’s the perfect opportunity to be a little selfish and savor your “me time” away from the kids.

Turks and Caicos

Have the best summer that your whole family won’t forget by enjoying the breathtaking view and facilities that this resort offers. If you and your partner are thinking of traveling alone, consider an adults-only resort, where you can have a romantic getaway. If you’ve been craving a white beach and sumptuous cuisine, an all-inclusive family resort could be the answer.

You can eat your heart out with their wide arrays of mouth-watering recipes such as wood-oven pizza, steak au poivre, cupcakes, and a lot more. Since all of the food and drinks are included on the rate that you have paid for, indulge and forget the word “diet”.

Do you have kids that are avid fans of the Sesame street series? There’s no doubt that this will be a memorable experience for them, and they will be amazed with how magnificent the Caribbean Adventures with Sesame Street series is.

Since vacation time is meant for relaxation and fun, drop your children at the nursery and peacefully find something for you and your partner to do together.

Rocking Horse Ranch

If you want a laid-back yet fun vacation, head on to Rocking Horse Ranch located in Highland, New York. This 120-room, 500-acre ranch is heaven on Earth, especially for horse-lovers. The place has a Wild West tone with its totem poles and timbered lobby’s cowboy décor. Your entire family will love the experience of eating family-style meals around big tables.

Your kids will have a great time at their zoo, with fun animals like camels, zebras, and miniature donkeys. They can even have their first horse-riding experience. If they want to enjoy some water activity, Big Splash Water Park has a pool exclusively for toddlers. They also have a special area for babies with bubbling fountains and slides.

Because this ranch understands the parent’s need of alone time, Tiny Troops Tykes will attend to your kids while you and your husband catch up on some romantic time. Reignite the romance in your relationship as you dance to country songs or simply gaze at the stars over a bottle of wine.

Choose a Place and Enjoy

Vacation time does not have to be stressful, chaotic, and exhausting for the parents anymore. Before booking your next vacation, search for resorts or facilities that offer child care so that you will get your alone time. After all, you’ve worked so hard to deserve it.

If you and your partner decide to travel alone, no worries. There are several things to do at the above location for adults. The goal is to have a relaxing and memorable vacation–however you wish to accomplish that is up to you.

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