The Hidden Europe: Find Unpopular Exotic Destinations for Your Next Family Trip

Planning a trip to Europe this year? Interested in a thrilling new adventure with your family but you do not want to choose luxurious, expensive destinations? More interested in spending some quality-time with your family and just enjoy being together? Then we have great news for you. We will reveal for you today some of the most amazing exotic destinations you could consider in the Hidden Europe. A lot of fun is ensured and all will be possible for a decent budget. Discover more below.

Hungary: History Written All Over Again


Hungary is one of the amazing European countries where you can go on a trip with your family this year. The capital of this country, Budapest is one where history is at home. You will be able to visit a lot of great places there and enjoy the amazing countryside experience and all with a decent budget allocated for the trip. You will have the amazing experience of indulging in luscious cakes which they are famous for among tourists. You should also try their traditional cuisine because you will be surprised to see how many great culinary surprises they have in store for you. If you are a well-known pastry gourmet, this is the right place to go. You will not be disappointed. For your countryside experience, we recommend going to Lake Balaton located in Transdanubia, Western Hungary. This is the biggest lake located in Central Europe and has become one of the favorite family retreat destinations in the last few years. Nearby, you can also engage in great travelling experiences in the biggest resorts from Balatonfured and Siofok. Have fun in Hungary this year and you will come home with great new memories to share with your friends.

Russia: Exotic Family Holiday Destinations


Russia is our second recommendation today for families looking to spend a nice holiday in exotic destinations where you do not need a high budget but where fun and great new memories are ensured. What will you get from travelling to Russia? You will gain the amazing experience of spending quality-time with your family on traditional sites and take in the wonderful scenery. You will also be able to live the river experience because there are numerous rivers there where you can spend time with family and friends and enjoy the outdoor environment.

August is the month when most tourists decide to visit this country. This does not mean that you must limit yourself to this period of the year. You can also have an amazing trip experience in Russia in September and October. Lots of things to do, great destinations to visit and do not forget about their traditional celebrations which will offer you new insights on their way of living. Here are some of the amazing tourist locations from Russia that you could consider for your family trip this year: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod, Tomsk and Baikal. Moreover, you can easily make any reservation for luxurious resorts in Russia online. This way, everything will be carefully planned for your trip this year and all you have to do on holiday is enjoy the amazing new experiences with your family.

Bulgaria: The New Favorite Summer Sun Destination

Bulgaria has become a very popular summer holiday destination for users who want to enjoy amazing new experiences without spending too much for this. The resorts here are amazing and have attracted people from all over the world in the last few years. What will you find here? You will discover amazing summer holiday destinations as well as great offers of city breaks. Sofia, the capital of this country is the second oldest city in Europe and offers a great picture to see in terms of art galleries and museums. Outside the capital, you will discover amazing untouched places that are considered part of the Hidden Europe where you and your family will be able to enjoy the amazing off-site holiday that you will always remember.

If you are planning your new travelling adventure with your family this year, Europe might just be the perfect option to consider. It offers the great advantage of planning all sorts of travels for any given budget. Moreover, you will get the opportunity of discovering amazing unknown destinations from Hidden Europe and have something new to remember.

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