How to Plan the Perfect Romantic Getaway (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Breathe. It’s not as hard as it may seem to plan a romantic weekend away. When you want to leave the working week behind and enjoy each other’s company, there’s nothing better than a trip away for two.

Perfect Romantic Getaway

Spa Resort

Choose a hotel with a spa if what you’re looking for is a couple of days relaxing by a pool, with the occasional foray to the hot tub and sauna. If you look, there are often off-peak discounts on rooms and special offers on massages and treatments for two. Another great way to ensure that you won’t overspend is to find a package deal that includes the use of all the facilities at no extra cost.

Have a look at reviews of the hotel restaurant and nearby eateries to find out which places have the most delicious food at the best prices.

To avoid extortionate costs from the minibar in your room, pack a bottle (or two) of wine in your suitcase for a drink before dinner. Ask the hotel for a room with a view or a balcony to create an even more romantic ambiance for the two of you.

City Break

Going to London for the weekend can be expensive, but booking a mystery or top-secret hotel can earn you a huge discount on the price. You won’t know the name of the hotel when you book but you can choose the area, and it means that you can stay in a 4 star hotel for a fraction of the cost. Go to to find the best deals.

If you love the theatre, make sure you compare ticket prices online and book in advance, or try your luck last minute on the door, as shows can be expensive. It’s definitely worth looking for a package hotel-theatre deal at a reduced cost — has some fantastic offers to help you plan the perfect getaway.

If you save on the hotel, you’ll be able to spend a bit more on the incredible array of global cuisine London has to offer.  Dine, sip cocktails (or a couple of pints) and spend a romantic evening exploring the city.

Cottage Retreat

If what you have in mind is a quiet and cosy weekend away, a cottage is the place to be. Look for one with a fireplace, so that you can sit together in the evenings and have a couple of drinks on a comfy sofa. If you want a home-cooked meal, make sure that the cottage serves dinner and not just breakfast and lunch.

The rooms are usually unique and quaint, and a couple of nights in a cottage will be an inexpensive, romantic and relaxing getaway.

Whatever kind of trip you fancy, there is always a romantic getaway on offer. The internet is definitely your friend when it comes to keeping costs down and finding the best deals. Now enjoy your weekend away!

If you’ve been on a brilliant romantic trip that didn’t break the bank, let us know!

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