Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Across The Globe

The wedding and the honeymoon vacation are very important events in the life of any couple. These are perfect moments in which they celebrate the powerful feelings that brought them together and made them stronger than ever. The wide variety of wonderful touristic attractions and locations in the world allows us to choose the most romantic ones for our honeymoon holiday. Let’s discover together some great ideas that might be chosen by future newlyweds.

A New Adventure in Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora French Polynesia

This destination seems to have been created for honeymoons. All you need for a romantic experience is there: gorgeous crystal – clear waters, imposing mountains and an amazing coral reef where the most colorful fishes live. Such amazing attractions have transformed this place into the best islands in the world, as nominated by the World Report and the US News.If you choose this location for your romantic trip, you can stay at the Four Seasons Resort. It is located directly on a coral reef that has the main purpose of enclosing a gorgeous, turquoise lagoon. What more could you want?

In terms of activities in the area, the range of options is endless for water sports enthusiasts and mountaineering adventurers. You can even charter a helicopter to take you on a sky trip around Mount Otemanu. Moreover, after the flying experience you can land on the island found nearby and engage in a great tour of the vanilla bean and black pearl farm.

A Romantic Expedition to Ratua Private Island, Vanuatu

Ratua Private Island Vanuatu

Another great choice of exotic destination for your honeymoon is Ratua Private Island in Vanuatu. You will discover the magical land of lagoons and the amazing experience in a thatched-roof pavilion. Everything seems to scream perfect nature and harmony in this location that has become one of the most popular resorts in the world.

As far as activities in this area go, newlyweds can experience the Nagol ceremony that takes places from April to June if they travel there during this season. Moreover, the local culture and customs are special and different from what you have discovered so far so just talking to people living there will be an amazing experience. You can also go there from May to October, when the driest season occurs and keeps and cyclones away from your newly discovered land of happiness.

The Seychelles Archipelago Kind of Fun

Seychelles Archipelago

Third on our list of exotic romantic destinations across the globe today is the Seychelles Archipelago where you can experience new levels of joy and pure entertainment and happiness. This place is the ultimate castaway-island that has a lot of secret places to reveal. It is a real paradise due to its palm-fringed beaches as well as the gorgeous turquoise sea that seems to come from another world.

There is something about this place that seems to find romanticism in every activity in which tourists engage there. These islands are less groomed than others and curious wildlife has its well-established place in the area. If this is the type of adventure you are interested in for your honeymoon, you will not regret choosing this location. Virgin forests and fantastic coral reefs seem to have found their natural living space in this region and are unlike anything you have discovered before. Only Galapagos can compare itself to some extent to this gorgeous location.

The beach experience there is an amazing one that tourists who visit the place treasure for a lifetime. There might not be a better destination for a romantic experience with your life partner. You will be lured by the fabulous scenery as well as the luxurious resorts and hotels in the area. The contrast between the nature in its original form and the symbols of modern architecture make this place a wonderful one to be in for any special occasion in your life.

Make Your Choice for the Best Honeymoon Experience

These are three of the most amazing destinations that you and your new husband can choose for your honeymoon adventure. Other great locations in Europe or the UK also wait for you to discover them and travel there on your next road trip adventure. Once you get there, choose a romantic hotel UK for your accommodation needs and start exploring the most amazing tourist attractions they have to offer. Live life well through travels around the world in search of life mysteries that will bring new meaning to your own existence.

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