5 Great Mountains You Must Climb in Europe

Europe boasts some of the world’s most diverse and exciting peaks just waiting to be climbed. With challenging mountains suited to well-seasoned climbers and stunning peaks accessible to those new to the sport, Europe’s mountains provide excellent fun for those of all abilities. With proper planning and a determined mindset, climbers can conquer Europe’s most exhilarating and worthwhile ascents. For anyone looking to have the climbing experience of a lifetime, here are 5 great mountains that simply must be scaled in Europe.

Mount Elbrus

Situated in Russia’s Caucasus mountain range, Mount Elbrus claims the title as Europe’s highest mountain at 5,642 metres. Surrounded by over 50 breathtaking glaciers, this is a truly magnificent location. Despite its mammoth proportions, Mount Elbrus is actually one of the less technically challenging peaks in Europe, making it perfect for those new to the sport of climbing. Despite its relative ease, this mountain will still offer a rewarding experience to the seasoned climber. For those who don’t find the massive hike too appealing, there are two lifts available to take passengers up to the 3800 metre mark, allowing people to enjoy the awesome experience without all of the legwork. When it comes to climbing in Europe, Mount Elbrus is a truly unmissable adventure.

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn can be found in the Pennine Alps that straddle the border between Italy and Switzerland. One of the most iconic and recognisable mountains in Europe; the Matterhorn is elevated to an airy 4,478 metres above sea level. With its distinctive shape reminiscent of a pyramid, the Matterhorn serves as a stunning geographical landmark which is visible for miles. For many, the Matterhorn mountain is thought of as the spiritual birthplace of mountaineering. As such a truly iconic mountain, the Matterhorn definitely deserves its place as one of Europe’s best climbs.

The iconic shape of the Matterhorn.

The iconic shape of the Matterhorn.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is situated on the border between Macedonia and Thessaly, and is the highest mountain in Greece. One of the most famous mountains in Europe, Mount Olympus is the mythological home of the Olympian gods of ancient Greece. At a height of 2,918 metres, the mountain offers a challenging yet rewarding climb. Most people scale the mountain in to stages, first is the two and a half hour hike to the mountain refuge, then a further three hours to the summit. After conquering the summit of Mount Olympus, climbers can add their signatures to the visitors’ register to document their accomplishment. This fabulous climb can be completed in under a day and makes for a truly thrilling experience.

Mont Blanc

Located in the Alps of Western Europe, Mont Blanc is a particularly challenging mountain, which requires a high degree of stamina and skill to conquer. Over 20,000 people manage to reach the mountain’s 4,810 metre summit every year, making it a very popular challenge for anyone brave enough. For anyone looking to put their skills to the test and have an unforgettable climbing adventure, look no further than Mont Blanc.

Ben Nevis

The highest peak in the United Kingdom, Ben Nevis measures in at 1,344 metres above sea level in the Scottish highlands. This stunning mountain, surrounded by lush highland scenery, attracts thousands of visitors every year. With several routes to choose from with varying levels of difficulty, Ben Nevis is a great mountain to climb for those of all abilities.

Ben Nevis, in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Ben Nevis, in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.


With such a wide variety a exciting and challenging mountains, Europe has peaks that are perfect for everyone. From braving the dizzying heights of Mount Elbrus, to admiring the beautiful scenery at Ben Nevis, these amazing European mountains offer thrills like no others. Wherever you are climbing in Europe, if you need a hire car visit www.erentals.co.uk for a range of deals from a variety of providers.


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