Must-Haves And Must-Dos’ For Hiking

If you are going hiking, there is a check-list you should definitely make. This check-list might seem like a headache to you at first, but once the day comes closer you will be thankful you made the list. Listing is everything, listing is life. So stop being lazy, and make a list of the things you need for hiking. Also, make a plan to go hiking as well:

Prepare yourself:

Things like the duration of your hike, deciding whether you are going solo or with a group of friends or just a group of enthusiastic hikers who will later become your besties for life should be done. Picking a hiking location and informing people back at home where you are going are the first things to do when going hiking.

Have a good healthy breakfast on that day:

You know, that day, when you finally decide to undertake this expedition, do consume a good amount of cereals like oatmeal or cream of wheat and lots of fruits. Don’t keep the breakfast extremely heavy because that will make you lethargic. The cereals and fruits on the other hand, will keep you crammed with energy for a good couple of hours.

Get a hiking pack:

The importance of a backpack needs no words at all. In the bag carry your lunch, energy bars, lots and lots of water, toilet paper, sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses if you have too much swagger. Also, insect repellent, flashlights, batteries and matches will sort you out.

Safe Shoes:

No, not those stilettos you just bought or those loafers you feel comfortable in. Hiking is serious business and it deserves serious shoes like sneakers or those Vibgram FiveFingers which give you a better grip on those rocks under your feet. But these “bare-footish” FiveFingers should be worn by seasoned hikers only, the rookies should begin with sturdy sneakers. Also carry socks which might prevent those blisters to erupt on your feet. Socks will also keep your feet less sweaty and smelly; the god ones might also keep your amazing pedicure intact.

Dress appropriately:

The choice between pants and shorts should be entirely dependent on your comfort with the respective items of clothing. If the weather is cold then the shorts will leave you shivery and if it’s hot, the pants will be uncomfortable. Jeans will make your insides sweaty (gross but true, sorry but not sorry) and will make you cry. The best option will be to stick with knee length or calf length pants, however ridiculous they look. They can be folded up when hot and will sufficiently cover your legs when cold. If you travel in the woods then please wear full pants. For the shirt, pick an old and comfortable one which lets you breathe, a cap which covers your head from the sun and branches and throw a jacket on top for the winter which, according to the Starks is perpetually coming.

Other stuff:

A camera, a full charged mobile phone, a book or a kindle because they are your true best friends, a fully equipped first aid kit (extremely important) and the most important, a map or GPS which will lead you to “the end of the rainbow”.

Carry these things and go hiking, have fun and be cool.

Guest Author: Susie Freedman, the author of this article, is part of the team at, Bogong, leading retailers of outdoor equipment, based in Australia. She is an adventurist and loves going on short trips to exotic destinations.
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