Some Surprising Places to Stay and Watch the Northern Lights

For those traveling enthusiasts in search of new discoveries and mysteries, today we recommend the Northern Lights adventure. This colorful natural phenomenon is sought by people from around the globe every year. It is a unique type of experience in everyone’s life and can be watched from a wide range of surprising places for enhanced effects. Let’s discover some of them below.

Go for An Exhilarating Off-Road Aurora Borealis Hunt This Year

In case you were searching for great ideas about ways and places from where the amazing Northern Lights phenomenon might be watched we have the answer for you right here:

Iceland. There is nothing better than going on an exhilarating off-road aurora hunt through magical scenery and glacial rivers waiting to witness everything with you.

northern lights(aurora-borealis)

You might want to choose an organized group tour in the area because those people who organize these know the greatest places and the right time when the magic of lights can be perfectly witnessed. Moreover, you can also choose to accommodate yourself at the new traveling hotel at the Jokulsarlon Glacier.

People organizing the tours there will take you to the best locations and offer you a four to seven days’ tour of incredible fun in the wilderness. You can also combine the amazing adventure of seeing the Northern Lights there with other activities like glacier hiking and seeing killer whales. These will make your whole trip worth remembering your whole life.

The Remote Lighthouse Experience in Norway

Another surprising way in which you can witness the Northern Lights this year is from a remote lighthouse in Norway. Moreover, you can add even more entertainment to your whole adventure there by going on the mountain top to spot the most amazing local fauna during the most thrilling wildlife safaris that you have ever been on.

Moreover, there are all sorts of organized tours in the area through which you can benefit from added thrills to your trip to Norway. You can visit the Island of Senja as well as the magical city of Tromso that features historical buildings ready to teach you a new lesson. You can also enjoy the time spent in the city and go to see the whales that seem to remain the guardians of these natural wonders in the area.

Furthermore, do not forget about the Lofoten archipelago that is great to witness in winter. If you have the luck of spotting the Northern Lights from there, you will add up a great natural phenomenon experience to your list.

The Amazing Ice Hotel; Experience in Sweden

Next on our list of amazing places from where the magic of the Northern Lights becomes reality is the Ice Hotel in Sweden. It is located in the Swedish Lapland found 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. There is a wide range of wild experiences to live there apart from the Northern Lights phenomenon that will change your life.

northern lights in Sweden

During the season of the wonderful lights, new ways of having fun become endless in this area. You can enjoy the artworks in the Art Suites as well as other relaxing activities like sauna and ice plunging. There you will find a sauna dating from the 18th century in its restored condition. You will also be able to spend some time diving into the frozen river that attracts tourists from around the world every year.

Nature navigation as well as clean eating and flint fire-making can become your new knowledge during your hunt to see the Northern Lights from Sweden. Perfect accommodation conditions at the Ice Hotel combined with the wildlife experience will make this trip the best one in your life so far.

All in all, there is so much to see and experience in these places. Just the idea of witnessing this magical natural phenomenon is enough reason for you to embark on this new traveling adventure. There is nothing better than a fabulous Northern Light mini cruise that will make you feel like you have entered a new world in which magic is possible every step of the way. Become a new person in search of world mysteries that will change your perspective this year!

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